17 ideas for breast stimulation to set her on fire

17 Ideas for Breast Stimulation to Set Her on Fire

17 Ideas for Breast Stimulation to Set Her on Fire

Women’s breasts are not only an object of admiration but also a great thing to have fun. A lot of women melt from the right touches to their chest, and some are even able to get an orgasm from this. The article below describes 17 techniques that will help you excite a girl and make her feel really good.

It is not a secret that women’s breasts are irresistible to men. Boobs can be different: huge or small, artificial or natural, provocatively sticking out or slightly lowered.

Whatever the breast is – it always causes interest and a desire to touch it. Touching of the female breast can be very pleasant for a woman and able to greatly arouse her if the partner knows what to do. There are girls who have very sensitive breasts and even able to experience an orgasm if you are just touching her boobs correctly.

For information about what to do with boobs in order to give a girl real pleasure, see below.

Magic Features of Woman Breast

An act of play with the breasts often becomes a prelude to sex or become a part of it since skillful breast stimulation can set a girl on fire and significantly strengthen her sensations during sex. If she has problems with achieving orgasm for some reason, the playing with her breasts can help her to reach it. This also helps a woman to increase arousal, relax, and have more enthusiasm. Moreover, many sexologists say that women pay more attention to caresses of their breasts than their genitals, and because of this, you might hear that some ladies do not like touching their breasts. Usually, this indicates that the woman is not excited – in this case touching and pressing on the nipples, especially not too gentle, can cause unpleasant and even painful sensations.

Also, some girls can have some doubts about the size and shape of their breasts, or there might be some problems with gender identity. In this case, of course, you should not insist and give “pleasure” to a lady without her pronounced agreement. You can directly ask her whether she likes breast stimulation or not. Still, if you do not like such direct questions (as they are often superfluous), then start to act carefully. If the lady is against such an action, you will feel her tense up, or she will stop you.

If a girl does not stop you, then the tips below will tell you about things to do.

17 ideas for breast stimulation to set her on fire

Best Ways to Please Her Breast

Fondling of the women’s breasts can be different – you can squeeze them and kiss them, suck nipples and even bite them – it all depends on the preferences of a girl and your skillfulness. Perhaps, the lady still does not know about all the reactions of her breast to such a caress, and your actions will surprise and excite her. In this case, it is advisable to be a master in some techniques and give special attention to the female breasts, because this gives you the ability to bring great pleasure to a girl, and she will really enjoy sex with you.

Use Anatomy Knowledge

In order to proceed to actions in practice, it is necessary to study some info in theory. The anatomy of boobs will help you with this. The breast consists of the mammary glands, fatty tissue, lymph nodes, and a huge number of nerves. The pigmented part is called the areola – it is a circle around the nipple. The distance between the nipple and the edge of areola is called the sulcus. The nipple is the most sensitive part of the chest, which reacts even to light touches. However, there are women who have less sensitive nipples which can be fondled roughly.

How can you understand if your lady sensitive or not, without asking her about it? There is one anatomical feature that can help you with it. The boobs of all women have the same number of nerve endings, regardless of size, so big boobs are less sensitive than smaller ones since they have a lowered concentration of nerve endings. Proceeding from this, it can be assumed that ladies with large breasts can become excited only from rather rough touches and squeezing, but owners of a diminutive bust line like tenderness. Each rule has its own exceptions, and sensitivity of the boobs does not always depend on their size, but in most cases, this anatomical feature works.

Ask Her What She Really Likes

СoupleIf you have a trusting relationship with a girl, the best way to find her preferences is to ask about them directly. Of course, this should be done in an intimate environment, because such conversation might excite your lady. Be prepared for the fact that not all women are ready to immediately tell their wishes, as they may be embarrassed. Also, some girls, especially young ones, may not know their body well, so they will not be able to give an intelligible answer. For this reason, it is not worth it to keep asking her or you might lose the romantic atmosphere, so instead simply proceed to gentle actions. Remember, sometimes awkward sex conversations can kill the desire to do it.

Start with Tender Touches

What to do if this is your first time having sex, and you still know nothing about the sensitivity and preferences of your partner? Then you should start with very gentle and delicate touches. In addition, if a woman isn’t excited, any rough actions will be unpleasant and even painful.

It is better to begin with caresses of the neck, shoulders, and collarbones, and after this gradually go down. Slow actions will allow you to feel the mood and excitement of your partner and to understand whether your actions are right or not. Also, the slow start will help a girl to get really excited, which will significantly increase her sensual womanhood.

Don’t Undress Her Beforehand

Sometimes the nude body does not excite as much as a half-dressed one. Start caressing your partner’s breasts without undressing her. You can gently squeeze them through her clothes or you can put your hands under her clothes and underwear. As already mentioned above, ladies are often embarrassed to undress immediately, so caresses through clothes will be an optimal beginning for this.

Get Sensitive Areas Around Involved into Play

Each woman has her own unique breast sensitivity. In some women, the majority of nerve endings are concentrated in the nipples and areola, and some have them in the whole breast area. Slow and accurate touches will make it possible to find the most sensitive areas of her breasts. The areas under the breast, near the collarbone, and even near the armpits can also be very sensitive. Try to forget what your ex-girlfriend loved since the sensitivity of the female body is different for each woman and past experience is not an assistant – the erogenous zones of each woman need to be studied individually.

Pay Attention to Her Reactions

Breast touchesIf a girl cannot tell you her preferences and feelings, then her body will not deceive you. It is enough to observe it carefully. During sexual excitement, the blood actively flows into the mammary glands, and because of this it becomes more sizable and heavy. Nipples can also become slightly larger, darker, or simply become brighter – this also happens because of increased blood circulation. If you find something similar to these signs – then you are doing everything right. At the same time, you should not take perky nipples as a sign of excitement. Nipples can become perky because of wind or actions which have nothing to do with excitement. Moans, rapid breathing, increased heart rate – these are real signals of the female body telling that your partner is on fire.

Tease Her Slowly

To tease a girl can be a good idea – this sometimes gives amazing results. Start kissing her neck and collarbones, but do not rush to go lower. You can touch the breast, but do not go to caress the nipple. If a woman expects a standard action from you, then going beyond the template can play into your hands.

You can also whisper something erotic to a girl or excite her with breathing and light touches, but do not do more. A woman in anticipation of something more can become very excited, and her impatience will significantly increase her sensitivity. Even if it’s hard for you, try this.

Play Gently with Nipples

Nipples are the most sensitive part of the female breast, but the sensitivity of every woman is different. How to touch them correctly? Start with light touches of the nipples and areolas. According to the reaction of the lady, it will be easy to understand whether she likes this or not. The first touch must be very gentle and delicate. If a girl is already excited, then you can give her nipples a little squeeze with your fingers or try to lick them. When doing this, do not forget to pay attention to the areola. Circle your finger or the tip of your tongue around the circumference of the areola, thereby teasing the nipple. In rare cases, a girl may not appreciate such a delicate approach because of her low sensitivity, and she may ask you for use of more hard caresses during sex.

Be Rough If She Asks

Rough caressAs already mentioned above, some girls like rougher and harder caresses of the breasts. As a rule, ladies who have such desires willingly tell them, so to satisfy such a wish is not so difficult. If your partner likes such things, then you can caress her breasts more intensively: squeeze them like a ball or even slightly bite them. Some women, especially when they are very excited, like when a partner bites their nipples or squeeze them with their fingers. Of course, do not start with such actions if a girl does not ask you about them.

Switch from Hot Touch to Cold Blow

Female nipples are very sensitive to temperature changes, so you can add new sensations in this way. The easiest is to lick her nipples, and then blow a little on them. For an excited woman, this action will be unexpected, and the contrast of the temperature will increase the sensitivity. The next point is often played out in films – actors there often use ice or ice cream. Of course, you can also do this, but be careful – the skin on the nipples is very tender, and it is easy to injure and freeze it. If you still want to use ice, then take a cube or part of it in your mouth and use a cold tongue or lips to touch the nipples. If you have warm hands, then in caresses you can alternate them with your mouth to create even more contrast.

Mind-Blowing Combo: Mouth, Tongue, Teeth

Try combining breast kisses, licking, and light biting. Do not linger on any one movement – they must smoothly replace one another. If a girl loves tenderness, then you should not bite her nipple, but you can easily squeeze it with your lips – this will please even the most sensitive lady. Easy sucking, active movements of the tongue and lips – all this allows a lot of variations. Use all your imagination until you realize that the girl is delighted with your actions. Do not forget about your hands – caress the rest of your partner’s body too – waist, hips, ass, arms, and shoulders. In addition to the breasts, women have many other erogenous zones, so let your hands pay attention to them, too.

Bring Her Breast Orgasm

This may seem surprising, but there are women who can achieve orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Maybe your partner can also feel this, even if she does not know about it. Try to find some kind of stimulation which will bring a girl maximum pleasure – her words and body language will help you with this. Pay attention to the clitoris of a girl – additional caress of this organ will significantly increase her chances to get an orgasm.

It’s Time to Play with Toys

Breast and nipple toysIs the use of the hands, mouth, and other parts of your body too easy for you? Then you can surprise your partner with special toys that will make the sensations more sharp and unforgettable. Instead of toys, you can use other items. For example, you can tie your scarf over the partner’s chest to increase the flow of blood to this part of the body. If a girl loves harder sex, then you can get special clamps for nipples – they are available in all sex shops. Never use ordinary household clothespins, as they can injure the nipple.

Massage oil is difficult to call a toy, but it can also be used as an addition to breast caresses. It will allow the hands to slip smoothly, and that will deliver very pleasant feelings to you and your girl. So, feel free to add the massaging of breasts to your sex arsenal.

Remember About Her Period

The sensitivity of the breast is unique not only for each woman but also for each period of the menstrual cycle. In the first half of the cycle, most women like breast caresses, because at this time the level of estrogen prevails in their body. In the second half of the cycle, everything changes – the amount of progesterone can cause temporary changes in chest sensitivity. During this period, the mammary glands increase in size and touch to them can be painful. However, there are women whose breasts do not react to hormonal changes at all.

Forget About Honking and Kneading

Despite the fact that every woman has her own preferences in breast caresses, there are some things hated by everyone. These include:

  • honking the breast at a time when a woman is not excited. Most likely, you will deliver your partner pain, and anything between you will end at this moment;
  • kneading her boob like a ball. Nerve endings in the female breast are concentrated on the nipples and skin. By kneading the glands and fatty tissue, you can injure the mammary gland;
  • biting. If a woman does not like such things, then bites are unlikely to help her become aroused.

The good news is that the list of such things is not so long, and for this reason, you do not have to limit yourself much in fondling your girlfriend’s breasts.

Let Her Show You the Right Way

Sometimes it is a good idea to give initiative to a woman, especially in matters that concern her body. Ask her to show you how she likes to be caressed on the chest. This request and its implementation can be an exciting game, letting your lady be a teacher for you. You can repeat her movements or just watch what she does.

There are women who know their body and its sensitive parts very well. Attention to the advice of such a lady will allow you to very quickly excite her and bring her maximum pleasure.

Say That You Love Her Boobs

It’s hard to find a woman who is sure of her beauty and attractiveness 100%. That’s why compliments act so magically act on girls – they convince them of their own irresistibility, helping them to handle the tension. Compliments made in a sexual atmosphere are a very powerful aphrodisiac and can enhance a woman’s arousal. If the lady is embarrassed to undress, then compliments about her appearance will help her to stop being shy. This also applies to the breast – remember this.

Successful and timely compliments can turn ordinary sex into amazing.

Use Breast Play During The Sex

Caress during sex

All the techniques described above are not just for the foreplay. Of course, they will help to excite girls and increase their sensitivity, as well as accelerate the onset of orgasm. Additional stimulation will greatly enhance her sensations and bring a lot of pleasure. The most convenient way is to caress the breasts while in doggy style or when the girl is on top.

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