Premature ejaculation symptoms, causes & treatment

Premature Ejaculation: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Premature Ejaculation: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Premature ejaculation: the main reasons and ways to avoid it. You can read all this in our article. If you already have this condition, you can find a way to fix it correctly and quickly.

Can you imagine this — you have been waiting for a romantic date all week long, you have made all preparations, reserved the best table in a nice restaurant, and everything goes just perfect. You come home with your lady, and you are both ready to enjoy wonderful lovemaking, but your body, and particularly, your best buddy, lets you down. All you manage to do is a couple of seconds of sex and then you finish before she even starts. Can you imagine it? Or, maybe, have you even experienced it in your life? There is no reason to worry anymore, you have found the right article and the right website, and here you will find the working solution to this problem.

Premature ejaculation, abbreviated as PE, is a huge burden for millions of people. It is not new, as even the Kamasutra advised men to control an orgasm and let their ladies reach it first. There are different opinions about PE prevalence rates.

Some researchers say up to 41% of all males get it, but most commonly the studies give numbers between 20 to 30 percent of men below 60 years of age. Still, these rates are extremely high, which means that approximately every fifth or even every third man does not have normal intimate relations. Thus, PE is the second most prevalent sexual problem after erectile dysfunction (ED for short).

Premature ejaculation symptoms, causes & treatment

It can happen to anyone. When it occurs once in a while, there is no reason to raise the alarm. You do not need a doctor’s consultation and medication until you notice that this is becoming regular. Frequent premature ejaculation is a bad sign, as it can be a signal of some deep dysfunctions in your body. All the more, it ruins romantic relations and families, as it is a trouble for both sexual partners. Speaking of which, there are experts who did not categorize it as an ailment at all. Some of them claim that the short ejaculation latency time is normal, and it is a part of a mammal genetic code. Assertedly, this is an advantageous quality that promotes the continuation of the bloodline. Other modern researchers claim that it is a sign of high sexual energy and excitement rather than a disease. Still, conventional medical wisdom is that it is a dysfunction that requires professional intervention.

What Does Premature Ejaculation Mean?

The simple definition for the term “premature ejaculation” is as follows: a sexual dysfunction in males characterized by a rapid orgasm and semen eruption shortly after or even before penetration. There are several commonly used names for this disease, e.g. early climax, rapid ejaculation, premature climax, etc. All of them mean that a man cannot maintain sexual intercourse long enough. But what is enough? There is no consensus on this matter. The World Health Organization suggests stoppage after 15 seconds, but the International Society for Sexual Medicine claims that everything less than a minute meets the definition of “premature.” The normal sexual act, meaning the time between penetration and orgasm, lasts for between 5-10 minutes. Some men face the opposite problem when they cannot finish the intercourse and expel sperm for much longer than the normal latency rates. This illness is known as delayed ejaculation.

The most severe cases of PE are when a patient does not need any physical stimulation of the penis at all to reach orgasm. In this case, he expels semen before he takes his pants off. It is a frustrating situation that can lead to severe mood and psychological disorders. Sometimes, premature ejaculation comes in tandem with erectile dysfunction. This happens when ejaculation occurs with a flaccid penis. This is especially common in elderly men. There are several other health problems that may accompany or cause PE, and we will talk about them further.

TestosteroneFor starters, we would like to tell you about the myths and unfounded fears that are widely circulating among men:

  • premature ejaculation has no relationship with penis size. The internet is full of requests if the small penis can be a reason of early orgasms. The answer is “No”;
  • another false concern is about low testosterone level and its relevance to the ejaculation latency. This health issue requires medical assistance, but it has nothing to do with PE, as men with normal hormonal balance can have the ailment, too;
  • unlike erectile dysfunction, rapid climax happens in men of all ages more or less evenly. According to the surveys of Chicago University, the percentage of individuals suffering from PE decreases a little after 60 years of age, but still does not drop below 20%.

Premature ejaculation can happen literally to any man, and to treat it right we have to know the real reasons why does it happen and learn to diagnose this malady.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

Men with PE ejaculate too soon, and this is the only primary symptom of sexual dysfunction. But there are several secondary ones, which are rather the adverse effects of the illness. Chronic failures in sexual life will most probably lead to troubles in romantic relationships and loneliness, as well. This, in its turn, results in depression and irritability, low self-esteem, problems in communication with friends and family, conflicts at work, etc. Our sexual health is closely related to our feelings of overall well-being. When a man is constantly frustrated, unconfident, and depressed, it is hard to maintain familial happiness or look for new relations. The entire life can fall apart because of a little fracture, which can be easily cured. We hope this article will help all men with PE find a remedy for their malady.

Major Causes of PE

The reasons of premature ejaculation are not completely clear, and there are many theories on this matter. Some experts say that it can be connected with early sexual or masturbation practices, poor intimate life, various phobias, or even the Oedipus complex. None of these concepts answers all the questions about the mechanisms of PE. The central nervous system, and particularly the brain chemistry, undoubtedly plays a role in having an orgasm and ejaculating, so the roots of the problem may be there. Some scientists theorize that it can be the result of the genetic peculiarities of certain men.

Lifelong PEAll cases of premature ejaculation can be roughly divided into two categories:

  • primary PE, also referred to as lifelong PE, which means that it happens throughout the entire life and almost every time that a man has sexual intercourse;
  • acquired, or secondary PE is the one that develops over years, as a result of certain health issues or life circumstances.

As for the causes of this disorder, they are categorized according to their nature.

Psychological Factors

Most commonly, PE does not arise from any severe disease or injury. It can happen, but if you suffer from the chronic rapid orgasms, first of all, you should pay attention to your psychological and emotional state. Sometimes, mood issues and stress can be the consequences of sexual maladies, but in some cases, they are the reasons.

The following psychological problems can cause secondary premature ejaculation in men who never experienced it earlier:

  • depression, anxiety, stress;
  • difficult relationships, feeling of guilt, aggression, and lack of sexual activity;
  • overexcitement caused by new relations;
  • too much foreplay and stimulation;
  • low self-confidence, issues with self-image, being embarrassed by your own body.

Certainly, an average young man who is going to have his first sexual experiences undergoes huge emotional tension, which can cause troubles with erection or/and ejaculation. It is not a medical problem, as it is only the result of stress. Next time it will be much better. The same goes for adult males who, for some reason, have not made love for a long time. Long sexual deprivation makes men think that they are not that good at it and they forgot how to do it. This is the same as self-esteem problems, but has a situational nature and usually passes off when the intimate life gets back to normal.

Psychological traumaLifelong premature ejaculation, which is more persistent than the acquired kind, is commonly the result of the deeper psychological issues:

  • raising a boy under rigorous traditions, when strict parents or teachers plant an idea into his head that sex is something forbidden or perverted;
  • men can have lifelong PE after the childhood psychological traumas related to sex;
  • teenagers, who have to hide while masturbating in order not to get caught, can teach themselves to ejaculate quickly. Unfortunately, this habit can become trouble later.

The worst thing about premature ejaculation is that it is a kind of self-replenishing disease. When a man is too distressed about his ejaculatory problems, it gets worse. And the worse it gets — the deeper the depression and stress gets. It makes a vicious endless cycle, which is very hard to break. Some men simply avoid intimacy because of their failures in bed, which only further complicates the situation.

Biological and Physiological Causes

We have already mentioned that sometimes men have two sexual problems at once — erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Usually, this happens to older individuals. A chronic weak erection can force men to rush to have orgasms as soon as possible. Age-related PE also happens when senior individuals cannot hold back as well as they did in their younger years.

DiabetesOther physiological and medical causes of rapid ejaculation include:

  • illnesses of prostate and thyroid gland, urethra inflammation, multiple sclerosis, or diabetes;
  • hypersensitivity of penis;
  • injuries and surgeries;
  • alcohol and drugs abuse;
  • it can be a hereditary disorder;
  • abnormal activity of serotonin receptors and atypical neurotransmitter level in the brain.

In most cases, no matter if it is caused by biological or psychological reasons, premature ejaculation can be easily treated.

Effective Ways to Treat PE

Some cases of premature ejaculation do not require professional treatment. For example, stress-induced PE will go away together with the stress. The same goes for men who face ejaculatory issues that are caused by troubles in their family life or at work, excessive drinking, and other illnesses or medications. All they need to do is to get rid of the reason for their malady. Still, most probably you will have either to solve the problem by yourself or seek medical attention. Let’s look at the things to help you with your illness.

Visit a Doctor

A good therapist can help alleviate depression, stress, and anxiety. So, if the failures in sexual life are induced by emotional disorders, a good decision is to visit a doctor. Most likely, you will have to answer several questions about your intimate life, relations, and family. The consultation may include a couple of physical tests, too. When a doctor has a definite diagnosis, he will administer the proper treatment. Depending on the nature of the illness, it can be either medication or further consultations with a sex therapist, family counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

Use Special Exercises and Life Hacks

Watermelon is natural ViagraBefore seeking professional help, men with PE can try various exercises and techniques that help to delay ejaculation:

  • some specialists say that well-trained Kegel muscles may help control orgasms and prolong ejaculation latency. These muscles form the pelvic diaphragm, and you can train them with the help of regular Kegel exercises. Actually, all you have to do is to tense the same muscle you employ when you need to hold back urination. Keep it tight for a couple of seconds, release, and then repeat the exercise. There are numerous detailed instructions on the net, with pictures and videos;
  • some men prefer the so-called stop-and-start method. It is based on the cessation of penile stimulation right when a man is ready to have an orgasm. After the arousal declines, the stimulation starts again. The common instruction is to repeat this three-four times before ejaculating. This technique helps men feel their mid-level excitement better and learn to hold it longer;
  • men can also try to squeeze the head of the penis when they feel like ejaculating. It reduces the excitement and erection, this method has the same goals as the stop-and-start one;
  • certain meals can alleviate your sexual problem. Just google “which food prevents premature ejaculation” and you will find lots of articles on this matter. The most popular recipes include oysters, watermelon, almonds, spinach, dark chocolate, eggs, walnuts, ashwagandha, asparagus, etc.;
  • many men with PE employ masturbation shortly before they are going to have sex. They claim that it helps them to mitigate overexcitement and control ejaculation better. Unfortunately, this simple method does not work in all cases of PE. For instance, it will not help those who have erectile dysfunction;
  • a condom decreases the sensitivity of the penis, hence it can prolong the coitus;
  • try to think about something else during intercourse, a lot of men report that it helps them make love longer. You may also reduce the intensity of your lovemaking, use less foreplay, and move slower. Certainly, it will decrease the pleasure but prolong the intercourse.

Most cases of premature climax can be treated with the help of such practices. Still, if none of them help, you should try pharmaceutical drugs for PE.

Purchase Drugs for PE Treatment

There are topical and oral medications for PE. You remember that what is good for lower penile sensitivity, as is also good for longer sexual act. Thus, the anesthetic ointments and sprays are often used for this reason. Be careful and wash it away before the penetration, you do not want your partner to lose the sensitivity, too. As for the professional oral drugs for PE, the most popular one is dapoxetine. It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), which has a short half-life period and quick onset. Other SSRIs are commonly used as antidepressants, but, due to its short action, dapoxetine performs its effects as needed, when you take it for PE. After a week of regular treatment, you will notice that your normal sexual intercourse is up to 20 times longer than it was before the medication!

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