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Sildenafil Reviews, Ratings, Comments by Patients

Sildenafil Reviews from Real Patients

Sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient, better known as Viagra to most, has proven to be a highly effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Originally brought to market by Pfizer, generic versions of the drug are now produced and available by a number of pharmaceutical companies. Clinical studies have shown Viagra to be an effective treatment in close to 90% of erectile dysfunction situations, but similar studies have not been conducted on a large scale for generic Viagra-like products containing Sildenafil Citrate. Rather than clinical trials, Sildenafil reviews from real patients are the best way to gauge the drug’s effectiveness.

Better than I ever expected! I was a bit uncertain about trying generic Sildenafil, but I decided to pull the trigger. I have to say that it was better than I ever expected! The company I ordered from even included a number of free samples of similar products. I am very glad I ordered and the company now has a customer for life!
Andrew G., Longview

Thrilled. My order arrived sooner than expected. The product worked almost word for word to the description on the site. All I can say is, overall, I am thrilled. The best part is my wife is too!
Matthew A., Rosarita

Full on Blitz. I feel like I did when I was 20! Every time my wife gives me the look now it a full on Blitz! I am so happy that I tried this generic Sildenafil product. I wanted to share my experience so others can feel like I do!
Kris S., Seattle

The Price is Right. The site was easy to navigate and appeared to be very discrete. I received my order quickly and to me most importantly, the price was right. I will order again.
Jason C., Phoenix

Just Okay. Maybe my expectations were a little bit too high. The buying process was great, but I thought the product was just okay. I order again just to make sure, but if I get the same results I will likely try another product.
Zach C., Los Angeles

Very Happy with My Purchase. It took me a while to order generic Sildenafil. But in a little bit over a week, I made the order, received the product, and changed my life. I have taken original Viagra in the past, but the price tag left a lot to be desired. After taking the generic version, I can honestly say that there is no difference between the original and the generic versions, except for the price tag! I guess I was just paying for the brand name before. I am very happy with my purchase.
Mike C., Portland

No Joke. Yeah baby, yeah! This stuff is no joke. Very fast shipping, and the results speak for themselves. I recommend this product to any guy (or gal) that is dealing with ED issues.
Marc H., Mossyrock

Awesome Product. All I can say is that this is an awesome product. No fluff from me, it just works. That’s all I can say.
Alfi B., Edmonds

Thank You (From a Woman). I didn’t take the product myself, so I can’t speak to how it makes you feel. But I can tell you my husband and I took a weekend getaway. My husband tried the product and it was like we were 25 again. The price is so much better than the brand name stuff, and like I said before, the quality is there. Thank you (from a woman).
Jordan H., Woodland

The Difference is Real. I’ve tried it all. Pretty much every over the counter, and natural remedy for erectile dysfunction that is out there. Nothing worked, I tried this product initially because of the price tag against the brand name stuff. Let me tell you, the difference is real. I am more confident in the bedroom than I have ever been at any other point in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Adam P., Sequim

Results. This product gets results, and that is all that matters to me.
Luke K., Long Beach

Sildenafil Ratings & Comments

Expectations were Exceeded, 10 out of 10. I wasn’t really sure what to think when I place my order. I tried to temper my expectations because I didn’t want to get too down if the product didn’t work for me. Whatever expectations I did have; they were exceeded tenfold! I give generic Sildenafil a 10 out of 10!
Bob S., Cincinnati

Service, Price, Results – Check, Check, and Check, 9 out of 10. Great customer service when I sent in a message with a question. The price is very nice compared to the name brand. The results speak for themselves. I will be placing more orders.
Mike P., Kansas City

You Bet, 10 out of 10. You bet this product worked.
Jon G., Honolulu

Nice Touch, 9.5 out of 10. I am really happy with how everything turned out. The free samples that came with my order were a nice touch.
Gary T., Miami

Making Music Again, 10 out of 10. I am a musician so I am used to making music. I was not making much music in the bedroom anymore, but after taking generic Sildenafil, its fair to say that the sweet music is playing again in ALL facets of my life.
Kenny G., Memphis

Thank You, 10 out of 10. Thank you for this product and your service. My marriage has never been happier.
Jose C., Houston

I Can Really Tell its Working, 9 out of 10. I started taking generic Sildenafil two weeks ago. I can really tell that it is working. I am very happy with the product.
Les B., Tampa

More Sildenafil Reviews

Life After 40 is Like Life Before 40. The best way I can explain how I feel after taking the product is, life after 40 is now like life before 40. Generic Viagra really did the trick.
Pat D., Edmonton

A complete 180. Sadly, it was all to common for me to hear the word ‘Its okay honey,’ from my wife. Generic Sildenafil has caused a complete 180, because now all I hear is ‘Oh honey!’ Very happy with the product, its starts in the bedroom, but I can honestly say that my whole life is better since I started taking these pills!
Ron W., Kirkland

This Stuff is Legit. All it took was one Sildenafil recommended dose to know that this stuff is legit.
Brian H., Charlotte

I Stopped Blaming Myself. Before I tried generic Sildenafil I was always trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Once I started treatment, it allowed me to stop blaming myself.
Kevin Y., Oakland

Don’t Buy a Brand. This stuff works just as good, if not better than the brand name stuff. Don’t buy a brand, buy a product that works.
Oliver S., Denver

I Was Worried. I had heard from the guys that Viagra-like products don’t work for most. I was worried that I would be cursed forever. My friends couldn’t have been more wrong!
Tim B., Las Vegas

Two Problems, One Cure. I was experiencing two problems down south. Half the time, I couldn’t even get an erection. Then, when I was able to get an erection, I couldn’t keep it. Enter generic Sildenafil. My two problems were gone with one cure. I highly recommend these pills to any guy experiencing any ED symptoms.
Barry K., Des Moines

Feel Like I Got My Man Card Back. Not being able to get an erection with a beautiful naked woman touching me was really embarrassing. Thanks to generic Viagra, I feel like I got my man card back.
Thomas W., Oklahoma City

No Side Effects, Except for More Fun. The one thing that really impressed me about this treatment is that I experienced no side effects, well I take that back. I did have more fun!
Marv., Mesa

So Happy to Have my Husband Back. My husband struggled with ED. I felt his pain every time we gave it another shot in the bedroom. It really effected the person he was and the man I have always loved. I am so happy to have my husband back. This treatment is the best!’
Patti T., Charleston

I Can’t Go Wrong. I was worried about every little detail before taking this, now its like I can’t go wrong.
Ken R., Dallas

Just Being Myself. Not being able to physically perform is very frustrating. Now, thanks to generic Viagra I am just being myself. Craig M., Bellevue

Sildenafil Reviews Summary

The overwhelming majority of generic Sildenafil users experience success in remedying their erectile dysfunction symptoms with the treatment. Although no clinical studies are available at this time, the individual reviews of users give a very clear conclusion as to the drug’s effectiveness.

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We always love to hear from our customers. Once you’ve received your order, we will send you a Mail After-Purchase email with  a review request form. If you would like to share your personal Sildenafil review with us, we will reward you $30 off your next order. If you share a review related to your purchase from us, we will give you a coupon that will save you $35 on your next order.