Sildenafil History & Discovery

Sildenafil history in the United States began in 90s. The prescriptions started flying in after people with erectile dysfunction found out about how it works.

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Sildenafil History and Discovery From 1996 until Today

Sildenafil is the accurate name for Viagra, which is compounded of sildenafil citrate. Tasked with finding a solution for high blood pressure and angina pectoris, a group of pharmaceutical chemist named Peter Dunn and Albert Wood who worked for Pfizer in England, stumbled upon a solution for a different problem. Even the patent for the drug listed it as a heart pill. During the clinical trials, subjects found that the pill did very little to help with angina, but produced penile erections every time. It was after this discovery that Pfizer stopped developing the pill for angina, and began focusing their efforts on the erectile dysfunction solution that had fallen into their lap. By 1996 Sildenafil had landed in the USA, and after FDA approval in 1996, Pfizer began marketing “Sildenafil” or Sildenafil. In its first week after being approved by the FDA, there were 40,00 prescriptions for Sildenafil. It was made available for sale on March 27, 1998 and has made Sildenafil history ever since.

Sildenafil History, Marketing, and Sales

A big part of Sildenafil history soon after FDA approval was the huge marketing blitz that happened. Then-presidential candidate Bob Dole revealed that he was a part of the clinical trials for Sildenafil in the beginning and called it a “great pill”. Pfizer soon made Bob Dole the spokesperson for Sildenafil in a huge television campaign to raise men’s awareness of impotence. Even Time magazine was covering the new miracle drug that could “free men’s libido”. Newsweek called Sildenafil “the hottest new drug in the world” even though it was only made available in the United State, Brazil, Morocco, and Mexico. The black market already had its hands on the drug which was making it more available in other places around the world. Pfizer also knew it had a winner when it was featured in HBO’s Sex in the City where the main character even took the pill to raise her own sexual experiences. It was even said that the CIA was using Sildenafil to gain allies in Afghanistan instead of cash. Unfortunately with good press also comes bad press. Sildenafil’s history also shows a number of deaths due to heart conditions. In the first year it was shown by the American College of Cardiology that 522 people died due cardiovascular issues while taking the drug. It was advised that if you had cardiovascular issues or high blood pressure to not take the drug, which was completely ironic since it was discovered while looking for a solution for high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues.

Sildenafil Side Effects

It is pretty much known through out Sildenafil’s history that anyone with a heart condition or high blood pressure should not take the erectile dysfunction drug. The deaths that occur to men while taking this medication is often a heart attack. There may be some other Sildenafil side effects as well such as headache, flushing in the face, neck, or chest area, an upset stomach, abnormal vision, nasal congestion, back pain, muscular pain, and nausea. As long as you don’t have a heart condition, the drug is not life threatening. Of course, before taking any generic drug be sure to see a physician. Be completely open with your doctor about any other medication that you are taking that could cause an adverse reaction with Sildenafil, even if it is only an herbal supplement. In extreme cases, heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeat, and death have been reported while someone was taking Sildenafil. These cases are rare but have been reported. Don’t be that guy that pops three 100 mg pills or has a pacemaker and decides to take Sildenafil. Most likely the outcome will be bad for you and traumatizing for your partner.

Sildenafil History & Competition

Of course with every successful invention, there is usually competition that follows. Well it didn’t take too long before the top erectile dysfunction pill had something similar knocking at the doorstep. The first one to show its face was Levitra in 2003, in the same year Cialis was released. Others would also follow, but Sildenafil stays the king due to its brand and familiarity. Never in Sildenafil history to you see the little blue pill fall down from the top. The competition to Sildenafil all have similar side effects with main differences being how long before sexual activity the pill can be taken and the length of time that it works. Of course this varies among men, but nonetheless, there is a difference. With Sildenafil being the first on the market, it will be hard to knock it off of the pedestal. Now if a pill comes that does not harm people with heart problems or high blood pressure, then we may see the king dethroned, but until then Sildenafil will continue to reign.

Sildenafil History – Conclusion

From the date of inception, Sildenafil has been welcomed with open arms from impotent men. Even the rich and famous have bragged about how the pill has changed their life and made them feel young again. Not even the side effects have slowed down this miracle pill. However, it is ironic that the discovery of Sildenafil was on the back of pharmacist looking to help people who had high blood pressure and a heart condition and it is potentially deadly to those very patients. Not even this has tainted Sildenafil’s history. Sildenafil history has been a glitzy one to date being featured on television shows, and magazines. Sildenafil even has so much clout that the FDA ruled that generic versions cannot be sold at pharmacy’s until 2019, giving the brand Sildenafil being available since 1998. This hasn’t stopped other countries that produce the generic version from capitalizing on this miracle drug. This new accessibility has brought a new demographic to the table besides Sildenafil’s usual customers. A younger crowd now has access to this little blue pill and it is not just older men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Men even in their twenties were experiencing something that no young man should in his prime. Again, be sure to consult with your doctor before you take any version of Sildenafil. It will be very interesting to see what Sildenafil’s history will be in another twenty years.

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