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Levitra Soft


Levitra Soft is a great alternative to the regular and harder version of the erectile dysfunction medication for many reasons, which is why many pharmaceutical companies around the world specialize in the manufacturing of generic versions of Levitra. For one there are plenty of gentlemen out there who have a difficult time swallowing hard pills, the generic Levitra Soft pills effectively treats male erectile dysfunction problems the same way as the regular pill does, but goes down like a spoonful of sugar, or should we say ‘goes up?’ Because the drug manufacturer who makes Levitra patented the trade name Levitra, other companies are not able to sell ‘Levitra,’ but they are able to sell their own pills that contain the exact same active ingredient that is in Levitra, which is Vardenafil, a PDE5 inhibitor. These generic Levitra Soft pills contain the same concentration of Vardenafil as the brand name Levitra, but they do not carry the outrageous price tag that is associated with the brand and the marketing of the brand.


When the mood strikes you should be able to feel confident in your equipment. Taking a pill 15 minutes before sexual activity with a glass of water will have you charged and ready to go, and will keep you ready for up to 5 hours after taking the ED medication. You can take the generic Levitra Soft with or without food, but be warned that taking generic Levitra Soft with greasy or fatty foods can alter the absorption rate.


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Levitra Soft