Does Sildenafil Really Help Women with Infertility?

Does Sildenafil Really Help Women with Infertility?

Does Sildenafil Really Help Women with Infertility?

Infertility is a real grief for a woman who wants to become a mother. However, in some cases, completely unexpected medicines can help. So, Viagra can contribute to conception. In this article, you will read how exactly Viagra can help and in what cases it is possible.

Sooner or later, a lot of women begin to think about becoming a mother. Nature allows most women to experience the joy of motherhood, but, unfortunately, many factors can prevent it.

Thousands of ladies face such a problem as infertility, which can become a real nightmare. Fortunately, modern medicine can heal infertility in many cases.

Recent studies have shown that sometimes Viagra is able to contribute to conception and increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Ironically, the blue tablet allowing men to achieve a strong erection can also helps women overcome infertility!
Does Sildenafil Really Help Women with Infertility?

What Causes Women Infertility?

Women usually do not know they are infertile until they start planning to have a child. Time goes by, and after pregnancy does not come for a long period, the couple goes to a doctor. According to statistics, about 10% of couples in the US suffer from infertility, and in a third of all cases, there is a female factor.

The female reproductive system is rather complicated, so there can be many reasons for infertility. In rare cases, the doctor can immediately determine the cause, but usually a woman needs to undergo more than one examination.

Female infertilityThe most common causes of female infertility are:

  1. Damage or blockage of the fallopian tubes. Impenetrable adhesions in the tubes prevent the egg from “meeting” with spermatozoa, so pregnancy becomes impossible. Partial adhesions pose a particular threat, since spermatozoa can reach the female germ cell, but a fertilized egg can get stuck in the tube.
  2. Diseases of the uterus. Pregnancy can be interfered with by inflammatory processes, impaired endometrial growth (endometriosis, polyps, insufficient growth of the endometrium, etc.), and unusual shape of the uterus (for example, a bicornuate or saddle-shaped womb).
  3. Hormonal problems. Lack or excess of necessary hormones can lead to improper gestation, suppression of ovulation, and habitual miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy.
  4. Cervical causes. Serious inflammatory processes in the cervix, its shortening, polyps, extensive erosion – all these interfere with conception and significantly reduce the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Approximately 20% of couples have infertility of an unknown origin, the true cause of which medicine cannot identify.

It is very important to identify the reasons for fertility problems, since the success of treatment depends largely on the exact diagnosis.

Treatment Methods of Infertility in Female

LaparoscopyHysteroscopy. This is a small surgical procedure, during which the womb cavity is examined with a hysteroscope. The procedure is prescribed for suspected neoplasms in the uterus, anomalies of its development, adhesions, endometriosis, etc.

In vitro fertilization (IVF). This is an artificial insemination, in which the collected eggs and spermatozoa get combined in a test tube. The embryo develops several days in an incubator, after which it is transferred to the uterine cavity.

Laparoscopy. This operation is performed when the fallopian tubes are obstructed. With the help of a laparoscope, adhesions can be dissected.

Intrauterine insemination. The method is used in the case of subfertile sperm in a man and cervical diseases in a woman. Sperm is artificially introduced into the uterine cavity during a period of natural or stimulated ovulation.

Medical therapy. May include hormonal drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, and medicines stimulating ovulation.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Used when a man has very poor sperm. The egg is pierced with a syringe and sperm are injected inside of it. After a few days, the embryo is transferred to the uterine cavity.

Use of the donor egg. This can be done when the egg of a woman is not viable.

All of the above mentioned methods of treatment should be performed according to a doctor’s prescription. Do not experiment with unfamiliar drugs, as this can only worsen the situation. Success will depend on how accurately you follow your doctor’s prescriptions.

Can Sildenafil Help Women Get Pregnant?

Pregnant womanSometimes an absolutely healthy woman cannot become pregnant because of a too thin endometrium – the lining of the womb, where the embryo should be attached. The process of attaching an embryo to the uterus is called implantation, after which its further development begins. If the endometrium is too thin, then the embryo has nowhere to get attached, so it simply dies and leaves the uterus during with menstruation. Thus, conception occurs, but pregnancy does not. A woman, as a rule, does not know that conception was taking place since there were no symptoms of pregnancy.

The process of growth of the endometrium depends on the amount of estrogen in the body and the blood circulation in the pelvis. If the level of estrogen is low, the endometrium grows too slowly. Its slow growth can be observed in a healthy woman who leads a sedentary lifestyle or has any problems with blood circulation. In this case, Viagra based on sildenafil can be a good helper.

Viagra is known as a remedy for ED for men, but recently uses of this medication have been expanded, and there is now Female Viagra which is produced specially for women.

The sildenafil’s mechanism of action is standard – it causes rapid increase blood flow in the inguinal region and the blood intensively moves to the uterus. Thanks to a good blood supply, the endometrium grows to the desired thickness, as a result of which the embryo can be implanted.

Can you get pregnant with the help of these pills? Yes, if you are talking about IVF. The success of this procedure is only 30%, since most embryos do not take root after the transfer. Viagra effects increase the likelihood of implantation due to improved circulation which can help to achieve the desired result.

The benefits of this drug are that sildenafil citrate affects fertility and also helps a woman achieve orgasm during sex. The female orgasm is a rhythmic contraction of the uterus, which increases the likelihood of pregnancy. At the time of orgasm, the uterus literally “sucks” the sperm and “pushes” it into the fallopian tubes, speeding up the “meeting” of spermatozoa and eggs.

Pay attention to the fact that Viagra will help a woman to become pregnant fast only in the case of a thin endometrium. With other causes of infertility, this drug will not give the desired result. It is also advisable to consult with a gynecologist before taking pills, as there are gynecological diseases for which the increase in blood circulation is contraindicated. In any case, Viagra does not cancel the treatment prescribed by a doctor.

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