Simple ways to make your penis bigger

Simple Ways to Make Your Penis Bigger

Simple Ways to Make Your Penis Bigger

Penis size is a burning issue for lots of men. Is it possible to enlarge cock with folk remedies, proper nutrition, vitamins and physical exercises? How to effectively change the proportions given by nature? From this article, you will learn about simple and complex, safe and risky ways to enlarge your penis.

Due to this, it is difficult to find a man who would be totally satisfied with the size of his penis. The vast majority of such men are young people who have not yet acquired the self-confidence and think that a big size of their dick can change everything. Of course, they are wrong. However, there are cases when the size of the penis is really small. To solve such a problem, people for centuries have tried to find a miracle enlarger for the penis.

Men’s Opinion About Their Penis

As mentioned above, a lot of men are unhappy with the size of their penis. There are many reasons for this: general dissatisfaction with oneself, excessive weight, or a bad angle in the mirror, for example, any of which would make the penis seem smaller. When the partner gets an orgasm rarely or never, this can also push a man to the idea that his penis is too small. In fact, a really small genital organ is very, very rare, but to eradicate the “the bigger the better” myth among men is almost impossible. This is why many unverified companies are selling their “miracle” products making your dick bigger by 2-4 inches within a couple of weeks. Ironically, plenty of people believe it and spend big money on useless drugs and devices. Are there any effective ways which tell you how to make your penis bigger? Let’s try to figure this out.

Simple ways to make your penis bigger

Does Size Matter?

The question – “Is the size of my penis really so important?” sooner or later comes to the mind of every man. Still, the answer depends on many factors. Self-confident men who do not have problems with work and hobbies and who are satisfied with their personal lives usually say that the size of their penis is good and optimal. They do not need a huge sexual organ in order to emphasize their own strength and masculinity. They would rather say that experience, skill, endurance, and good health are more important. As a rule, their women fully agree with them.

A completely different answer can be heard from the men that are screwed-up and unsure of themselves. They, mostly, are not realized in their professional activity, and thus not respected among colleagues and friends. In their personal lives, they also have a lot of problems. Such men will say that the size of the penis is very important. They have probably heard this from their ladies more than once (often at the time of quarrel). Also, such men tend to compare themselves to a certain standard and adhere to inflated requirements. This emotional state can affect the quality of sex and their whole life. Some experts say that discontent about the body in men can lead to a decrease in testosterone level. That, in turn, can lead to serious violations of sexual function.

It is noteworthy that men of the first and second categories can have approximately equal penis sizes. Statistics say that the vast majority of men on the planet have a middle-sized reproductive organ, so a bad experience about its dimensions is purely psychological.

What Do Women Say About It?

Sexual activityWomen often like to say that they had the best sex with a man who had a big penis, but this is not always true. To achieve vaginal orgasm, most women have enough with a four-inch dick, which is much smaller than the standard size. It is also important to remember that not all women are able to experience orgasm just from vaginal sex. A lot of them need stimulation of the clitoris, labia, or nipples, and in such cases, the size of their partner’s penis does not play a special role.

Women who experience vaginal orgasms note that they are interested in a feeling of fullness, and tight girth of the penis in the walls of the vagina. At the same time, a cock that is too long can deliver painful sensations. Therefore, when choosing between long or thick, women will give preference to the second. Ladies who have trained muscles in the vagina (as a result of Kegel exercises, for example) say that the size of the penis does not play a big role at all. It is much more important that a man has a good erection, and the sexual act is not too short.

The Best Ways of Penis Improvement

If you understand your complexes and self-esteem reasons, but still do not like the size of the penis, you can find the most natural and safest methods to increase your sexual organ.

First of all, it’s worth emphasizing the psychological and physical state. If a man has excessive weight, and he is shy of this, he should go to the gym and lose this fat. Excessive pounds in the abdomen area will disappear, making the penis visually longer, and a strong body will give higher self-confidence. Also, gym exercises will raise the testosterone level which positively affects the libido. Perhaps, after this, the question of enlarging the penis will disappear by itself.

In addition to the mentioned above, sports provoke the production of endorphins, which makes a person more optimistic and content with life. It is possible that his new view of himself will be less critical.

A lot of men consider their penis to be too small because of the beginning of erectile dysfunction. The poor filling of the cavernous and spongy bodies with blood makes the cock not fully erected, so it seems that it is small in size. In such a case, a man should try to solve problems with potency, but should not be trying to increase his own cock.

There are also other ways to increase the penis – both simple and complex. Let’s get acquainted with them in detail.

Food Products

It is not possible to significantly increase the size of the penis with food, since it depends on genes and the correct balance of hormones during puberty. However, there are products that can beneficially affect the reproductive system. Coupled with other techniques, they can slightly increase cock size.

GingerThese include:

  • pumpkin seeds. They contain many substances which are useful for the male sexual system. They improve blood circulation and improve the erection. Also, these seeds prevent the development of prostatitis, since they are rich in vitamin E. Seeds can be replaced with pumpkin oil, if desired.
  • dark chocolate. It contains flavonols, which improve blood circulation in the genital organs. Caffeine helps keep the nervous system toned and removes toxins. In addition, dark chocolate is very nutritious and caloric, which is very important if you are doing sports. Also, this product contains quite a few sugars.
  • ginger has long been considered one of the best products for improving potency and penis enlargement. It promotes the strengthening of immunity, and also significantly improves blood circulation throughout the body, including in the penis. In addition, this root helps to burn excess fat, which is important for men who have extra pounds. As you know, excess fat on the abdomen and on the pubis visually reduces the penis.
  • cayenne pepper. This spice is often used in various sauces, especially meat. In many cultures, this spice is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, so it makes sense to use it. Just add the cayenne pepper to your usual dishes, and strengthen the effect by taking it at the morning in combination with cider vinegar. The taste of it, of course, is not the most pleasant, but the result is worth it. However, if you have problems with your digestive tract, then it is better to give up from trying to increase the penis in such a way.

All these small steps will not give a quick result, but it will help to slightly increase the penis and improve the potency with no pills use.

Natural Means

Some herbal medicines can help to get the desired cock length. These include ginkgo biloba. This ancient plant, from the time of dinosaurs, is still ready to share its useful properties. It significantly improves blood circulation, including in the genitals. Using a special supplement containing this plant helps not only to improve the erection and enlarge the penis, but also to improve the activity of the brain. It is agreed that a smart man, even with a small penis, will be much more successful with women and professional activity than someone whose brain does not work at full strength.


Proper and healthy nutrition can increase the size of your penis and strengthen potency. As already mentioned above, people very often complain about the size of the penis, especially those whose erection leaves much to be desired. So, for normal operation (and size) of the genitals, such useful elements are needed.

Vitamin Foods containing it
А Muscat pumpkin, sweet potato, potatoes, carrots, apricots.
В5 Bran, sunflower seeds, shiitake mushrooms, liver.
С Guava, citrus, cabbage, pepper, most fruits.
L-carnitine Red meat (for example, beef and lamb)
L-arginine Beef, tuna, pine nuts.

It’s not a secret that in the modern world with an abundance of fast food and preservatives, it is not so easy to get all the necessary vitamins from food. Therefore, to maintain health, you periodically need to take vitamin complexes, which can be found in almost any pharmacy.

Vitamin AThe most important for men’s health are such vitamins:

  • vitamin A. A powerful antibacterial vitamin. Required for physical exertion.
  • vitamin B3. Indispensable for good blood circulation.
  • vitamin B5. Improves metabolism and accelerates regeneration. Stimulates the renewal of cells in the penis;
  • vitamin C. It is necessary to remove harmful substances from the body, and is an antioxidant. Increases fertility;
  • vitamin E. It is considered to be the vitamin of “fertility.” It improves the erection, increases libido, and strengthens blood circulation;
  • vitamin D. Provides full functioning of the genital organs and can lead to an increase in the penis;
  • L-arginine. Dilates the vessels and tissues of the penis, as a result of which they are filled with blood and become lean in volume;
  • acetyl L-carnitine – a powerful neuroprotective, which helps to restore the innervation of the penis.

Vitamins should be taken once a season, but just in case, you should consult with your doctor about this.

Effective Exercises

There is an exercise that is able to slightly increase penis size. This exercise is called the Jelq method. Its essence is simple – take up the base of the semi-erogenous penis with two fingers. It is necessary to tightly embrace the penis in such a way as to limit the circulation of blood in it. When the sensation of fullness is maximized, move your fingers closer to the penis glans so that it is also been completely filled with blood. When this happens, slide the ring of fingers back to the base of the penis and release. Repeat this procedure a short time later. With systematic repetition (but without painful sensations), this exercise can give some increase in penis length.


Masturbation is a pleasant exercise that can also be useful for penis size and potency. When masturbating makes a cock get full of blood, all the processes are working as they should. In addition, in the masturbation process, you can successfully use the Jelq method. This helps to avoid stagnant processes in the veins of the penis, allowing the cavernous and spongy bodies to be completely filled with blood.

Masturbation also gives a very big bonus – enhanced endurance and getting rid of premature ejaculation. Of course, masturbation is beneficial only when an adult man does not replace it with full-fledged sex.

Enhancement Pills

There are quite popular tablets called Extenze, which can slightly increase penis size. This is a natural remedy that is safe enough. Natural Gain Plus tabs are also quite popular and have a natural origin. In addition, this tool has another bonus – longer sexual intercourse.

Other Drugs

Not all drugs to increase cock size come in the form of pills. In some cases, you reach good results without drugs. There is a medicine called Dihydrotestosterone, which is available in the form of a gel that is rubbed into the penis. What is Dihydrotestosterone? In fact, it is a male hormone, androgen, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the penis. There are reviews of men who state that this gel not only increased the size of their dick, but also improved its function. The most effective medicine was shown in combination with other tools and Jelq exercise.

Penis Pumps

ErectionSuch pumps have proved themselves quite effective. They give a short-term effect, but can help to achieve full erection and increase the size of the penis by maximizing blood volume. It is extremely easy to use: just put the penis in the cylinder of the pump and install a gasket that provides tightness. Then start to pump out air (automatically or manually). This ensures a flow of blood to the penis and its maximum filling with blood. This tool helps even men with erectile dysfunction. However, pumps should be used carefully, and without excessive zeal, as that can lead to the rupture of blood vessels and the appearance of hematomas. If after using the pump there is bruising or darkening of the tissues, immediately consult with a doctor.

Surgical Intervention

Operational intervention is an extreme measure for men who were not helped by the previous methods. First of all, it is worthwhile to know that such a medical procedure has some risks and should be done only as a last resort.

There are two variants of this procedure. The first is cutting the ligaments that line the penis. They will be stretched, and then missing sections of ligaments are filled with transplanted tissue. This procedure can significantly increase penis size. However, the cropped ligaments are responsible for lifting the penis, so after this procedure, even in an erect condition, your cock will never “get up.”

The second option allows you to make the penis not longer, but wider. For this, fat from other parts of the body is taken and injected into the penis. This has no effect on the functionality of the genitals.

The Most Effective Method to Make Penis Bigger

Order pills at the online pharmacyUnfortunately, significant changes in the size of the penis without surgery will not happen. However, experts argue that dissatisfaction with the size of the penis is an exclusively psychological problem, or the result of the beginning of ED. Only a small percentage of men have a really small penis. According to statistics, the average penis size is from 5.1 to 5.9 inches, and 95% of the male have sizes between 4.2 to 7.5 inches, and all this is normal. So, you should really take care of dick size when it is less than 4.2 inches.

As already mentioned above, ED causes men to think that their penis is too small. Because of poor erection, the penis does not really reach its maximum size (and hardness), therefore it seems small. If this is the case, then it is necessary to begin the fight against ED. The best male enhancement pills are the PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitors that you can buy from the SildenafilViagra online pharmacy. These include Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, Viagra Soft, Cialis Soft, Stendra, and Black Cialis. On our website, you will find them at a bargain price, available without a prescription and with very fast delivery. We always offer our customers the best prices and high-quality medicines.