Is Cristiano Ronaldo in a Gay Relationship

Is Cristiano Ronaldo in a Gay Relationship with a Professional Kickboxer?

Is Cristiano Ronaldo in a gay relationship with a professional kickboxer Badr Hari? The truth has finally come out, and so has Real Madrid’s sensational soccer stud— ‘Cristiano Ronaldo in a Gay Relationship’ headlines have hit the press, and he is proud.

Ronaldo boyfriend marocco Badr Hari

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Is Cristiano Ronaldo in a Gay Relationship?

After a relentless string of female supermodel “girlfriends” that, it now seems, were all cover-ups, Portuguese footballer Ronaldo, 30, and his majorly muscly Moroccan-Dutch professional kickboxer boyfriend, Badr Hari, have finally come out as being in a committed gay relationship, and they could not be happier. Sorry ladies, finding out Cristiano Rolando in a gay relationship with Hari might be the worst news that has come out in the last decade! With a net worth of $450 million, Ronaldo has little to want for now that he has Hari by his side, and in his bed—and the headline ‘Cristiano Ronaldo in a gay relationship‘ should start to appear much more often.

Cristiano Ronaldo With Badr Hari

The two exceptional male specimens have recently been spending more and more time in the public eye together. At first, their relationship was touted just as a great friendship, both being incredibly dressed, in impeccable shape, both having young children, and being superstars in the public’s eye in their respective sports, they seemed to connect almost instantly. Magazines and blog sites all began to spread gossip ‘Cristiano Ronaldo in gay relationship?’ The rumors were quieted with Ronaldo’s clear choice of having beautiful women at his side.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Relaxing Yacht Boyfriend
At first, it was the occasional visit to meet Hari in Morocco, poolside parties and always together without any women around, always leaving the parties at the same time and returning to Hari’s mansion. They constantly posted pictures on Instagram together, with one of Hari holding Ronaldo with the caption “Just married. Hahahaha.” A club owner from one of the exclusive poolside parties Ronaldo and Hari regularly attended was asked by a magazine reporter after pictures surfaced of Ronaldo and Hari, ‘Is Cristiano Ronaldo in gay relationship? Or would you say they were just friends?’ The owner claimed to see them cuddling up together and drinking expensive champagne poolside at almost every party. He said ‘they would whisper back and forth to each other getting very close, laughing and getting very “handsy” with one another, ‘Cristiano Ronaldo in gay relationship’ rumors are true.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Relationship Sex Boyfriend

They could only pretend to joke about their affection for one another on Instagram for so long— on one of Ronaldo’s trips to Morocco, Hari snapped and posted a picture to Instagram of Ronaldo’s hand grabbing Hari’s crotch with the caption “All mine,” which was almost instantly deleted, causing many to rethink their position as “just friends.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Sun Boyfriend Marocco

Ronaldo began regularly visiting his kickboxing hunk in Morocco, even while the professional footballer was dating Russian supermodel Irina Shayk. He would be seen out with her one night looking the very “straight” player, and then the next night would have made his way to being very up close and personal with Hari. Shayk stated that, after her and Ronaldo’s 2015 break up, “we were never meant to be “together” for so long, Cristiano is an intense and amazing man and I am grateful to have made such a good friend, but I am most grateful that he has Badr, and has discovered his strength to be open with someone who actually makes him truly happy.”

Ronaldo Gay Broke up Girlfriend

Their relationship was a front, which was barely able to keep Ronaldo and Hari’s very physical relationship quiet. It quickly turned into Ronaldo having a £13.5 million Gulfstream G200 ready and waiting at Torrejon Air Base for him each day after training sessions, he and Hari would spend a few hours at Hari’s home, or would make their way to a poolside to lounge nearly naked, oiling each other up. Ronaldo would then turn around and fly right back the same night so that he would make it to the following day’s training session. Ronaldo would fly off to Morocco three to four times a week, and would be regularly photographed getting very close with Hari. Ronaldo never made any statements denying their relationship when asked, Hari only ever claimed him to be a “very, very close friend.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Enjoys Gay Weekend Party

Ronaldo’s increasingly frequent trips to see his Moroccan lover Hari began to become a serious concern to Real Madrid’s owners, management, and several of Ronaldo’s teammates. Some, who let their jealousy of Ronaldo’s innate set of skills get to them, made huge issues in the past over the impact of these day trips to Morocco on his performance on the pitch. After all, Ronaldo is practically the whole show for Real Madrid fans, and a huge portion of ticket sales come from Ronaldo fans. The rumors and gossip mills began to swirl around whether the headlines ‘Cristiano Rolando in gay relationship’ was true or not. His number 7 jersey is the most popular in the entire football world, which means magazines will sell many more copies if they can be the literary institution that breaks the news of ‘Cristiano Ronaldo in Gay Relationship.’

Ronaldo boyfriend marocco Badr Hari

Ronaldo’s boyfriend, Badr Hari, was born December 8th, 1984 and certainly has come up a long way in this world. In his own words, he feels he truly epitomizes the ‘rags to riches’ story. But his story is not one without headlines and gossip. Hari has been linked to quite a few tabloid tales and police investigations; he has been arrested multiple times on assault charges, and even tawdry tales of steamy affairs; now he will be the object of affection in the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo in Gay Relationship’ story. It was reported that the former footballing legend, Ruud Gullit, became deranged when his wife Estelle, 36, fell madly in love with Hari and left her husband for him, claiming his pique physique drove her wild with desire, and his insatiable hunger for orgasms made it difficult for her to want to leave his bed. Hari, being 21 years younger than Gullit, certainly has the benefit of the doubt on whose stamina would be better, and who would most likely satisfy her in the bedroom. Hari has been linked to multiple women as well as men. “His virile prowess can persuade anyone, anytime,” said Gullit’s wife, and this certainly includes being capable of seducing Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Dance Yacht Saint Tropez Photos

Cristiano Ronaldo and Badr Hari have quenched each other’s thirst for satisfaction, the two mirror each other in their physical perfection, and their personalities mesh incredibly well. They make each other laugh and their competitive nature keeps them always vying for each other’s attention and always trying to do one another with their ability to satisfy the other. Two perfect physical specimens have found pleasure and fulfillment in one another. ‘Cristiano Ronaldo in gay relationship’ should not come as a shocking headline to anyone who has been following his personal life in the last few years. There has never been a female that was good enough for Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s ever-cocky and publicly dismissive attitude was only ever a mask to hide his true desire for a man just like himself who understand his great success and demanding schedule to stroke his ego and share his bed.

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