Priligy: Effectiveness, Uses and Mechanism of Action

Priligy: Effectiveness, Uses and Mechanism of Action

Priligy: Effectiveness, Uses and Mechanism of Action

The state when a man ejaculates by getting insignificant sexual excitement is known as premature ejaculation (further PE). It is rather a frustrating moment for both partners, because it occurs right before the time they want it to happen. Annoying, isn’t it? This fact can even lead to problems in sexual relationships within a couple. Generic Priligy was created by pharmacologists to save the male population from this sexual trouble.

Priligy has proven to be a fast-acting and quick-metabolized medicine. Used for PE treatment, it is famed for its force and efficiency.

Good testimonials from its users are a sign that this medication is helpful and successfully copes with PE problems. Let’s see exactly how it works and how it is used.

What Is Priligy (Dapoxetine)?

This medicine was originally developed as an antidepressant medication. Its medical application in that role turned out to be minimal. It showed more results as an effective solution for premature ejaculation.

What makes Priligy so unique? Due to its active component dapoxetine, it brings immediate results because it targets the core of the problem. Since it has been launched in the production, it turned the lives of millions of men into normal and happy ones. Patients who have suffered from PE really appreciate and enjoy this important pharmacological achievement.
Priligy: Effectiveness, Uses and Mechanism of Action

When Is It Used?

From a medical point of view, ejaculation is considered to be premature if it happens immediately after or during sexual intimacy (or any other sexual activity) by little stimulation of the male organ or other sensitive body areas. In this case, both partners view the length of a sexual act as insufficient. It implies a short intravaginal time or quick sperm release that happens before penetration.

A relatively small number of women is concerned about this problem. On the contrary, male partners feel distressed about it. A lot of men try to escape sexual activities in order to avoid this awkward event.

A common ejaculatory latency for a man is around 6 minutes. If a male can last for a couple of minutes, it is not a reason to address a doctor.

Premature ejaculation

In this case, it is not viewed as a genuine medical problem yet. Still, a lot of individuals report that they would like to last longer.

Priligy is used as a PE treatment for adult males from 18 to 70 years old, if they meet the following conditions:

  • intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT) is less than two minutes;
  • low control over ejaculation;
  • permanent ejaculation with minor sexual stimulation.

The main element, dapoxetine, enlarges the ejaculation time and develops a man’s self-control over it.

Priligy Mechanism of Action

Priligy belongs to a class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. This drug affects the amount of serotonin in the human brain, increasing its level. Men’s ejaculatory mechanisms are regulated by the central nervous system, which in turn is governed by the brain’s chemicals. The increase of serotonin level by Priligy improves intravaginal ejaculation latency time. It delays the reactions of the chemical substances that are responsible for ejaculation.

In some cases, these pills do not cure PE completely, but its usage still helps to improve a male’s sexual performance and his personal self-confidence.

On the other hand, dapoxetine by its antidepressant properties relieves nervous stress caused by PE.

Taken on demand, it is not accumulated in a human organism, unlike other medicines that are used on a daily basis. This substance is quickly processed in the body, diminishing the chance of obtaining possible side effects. In fact, the mechanism of action of Priligy is not properly studied.

How Long Does It Work?

Priligy pillsTherapists recommend to starting with 30 mg as a one-time dose at the initial stages of PE treatment. Even in the most difficult cases, the measurement cannot go beyond 60 mg per a single intake. As mentioned, dapoxetine is not prescribed for daily continuous consumption.

A 24-hour break should be observed between two doses. If patients feel that a 30 mg dose is not sufficient, they can double the portion up to 60 mg. It is best to consult a doctor before this decision. He will specify what is your individual dose.

How long does it take to see a result? The drug is taken from one to three hours before the intended sexual activity. It takes some time for it to work. It is swallowed whole in order not to taste a bitter flavor, with one glass of water.

Effective Use of Generics

Priligy is rather safe for users with good health. Some rules have to be observed to take it with no side effects. It is not recommended to mix dapoxetine with any of the following drugs:

  • drugs for infections;
  • painkillers (Tramadol);
  • drugs to treat angina and high blood pressure (Verapamil, Diltiazem);
  • medicines to help you to sleep (Tryptophan);
  • pills to treat fungal infections (Itraconazole, Ketoconazole);
  • tablets to treat depressions (Nefazodone);
  • drugs for erectile dysfunction (Cialis, Viagra, Tadapox, Levitra);
  • antibiotics (Telithromycin);
  • medicines to treat migraines;
  • medicines for HIV;
  • medications against nausea (Aprepitant).

Contraindications of Priligy

A patient is allowed to start using Priligy after two weeks when he has ceased to take the above listed medicines. If you quit taking Priligy, wait a week before you start taking these drugs for their higher efficiency.

Priligy may have some contraindications, please take precautions if:

  • you suffer from any cardiac illnesses (ischemic heart disease, heart failure, valvular disease, syncope);
  • you have hypersensitivity to dapoxetine;
  • you have a reduced liver function or kidney disorder;
  • you have a history of mania or severe depression;
  • you have epilepsy, high eye pressure (glaucoma).

If you are hesitant about the possibility of a dapoxetine treatment, talk to your prime care provider before purchasing this medicine.

The generic variant of Priligy is identical to its brand analogue in its effectiveness, chemical composition, and safety. Generic medicines provide the same high-quality therapeutic action. The difference is a cheaper price for non-labeled medications. Sounds impressive, right? Why not to make an order in our online pharmacy SildenafilViagra and save more money?

Is It Safe to Take This Drug?

Like any other medicines, dapoxetine can cause possible side effects, but no one gets them for sure. They can be a sign of overdosing.

Stop treatment and ask for a medical help if the below mentioned side effects appear:

Very common and common side effects

Uncommon and rare side effects

Headaches, feeling sick

Low or high blood pressure
Feeling irritable, anxious

Slow or irregular heartbeat

Feeling dizzy

Feeling depressed
Sweating, flushing

Loss of sex drive

Stomach pain, diarrhea

Abnormal taste
Blurred vision, ringing in the ears

Feeling dizzy after exertion

Feeling shaking, trembling


Patients have to avoid alcohol consumption when they are taking Priligy, because the effects of strong beverages such as having slow reactions or feeling sleepy can be increased.

Alcohol drinks

The combination of alcohol with the main drug component may intensify alcohol-related neurocognitive effects by increasing neurocardiogenic adverse events such as syncope and somnolence.

Co-administration of a one-time dosage of ethanol of 0.5 g does not influence the pharmacokinetics of dapoxetine.

Priligy 60 mg can be consumed with or without food. Its active component is quickly absorbed into the blood with the highest concentration occurring 1-2 hours after tablet intake. Taken after high-fat meals, dapoxetine is slowly absorbed, which delays the time for its peak concentration.

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