How Do We Know Cristiano Ronaldo Has A Boyfriend

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Gay and Has a Boyfriend in Morocco!

Cristiano Ronaldo has a gay boyfriend in Morocco! Super stud Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo is not just going for World Cups, he’s now going behind the “cup” to grab the torch! How sexy is that, up and cumming gay super football player, or just a straight up player, Ronaldo is officially gay! Want to see Cristiano Ronaldo Naked?

Cristiano Ronaldo taking sun bathes with his gay friend

How do we know Ronaldo has a boyfriend?

This information has been leaked to us as much as we leaked when we heard the news; the lucky Moroccan man who had the pleasure, and we do mean THE pleasure, of pleasing Mr. Ronaldo, has made us beyond jealous.

Reports suggest that Cristiano Ronaldo met the Moroccan man late one night after a hard practice and needed to let off some steam. Later that evening, after a few drinks and a few good laughs, the two men decided to hit the hot tub back at Ronaldo’s hotel.

Cristiano Ronaldo kisses his gay boyfriend from morocco

Shortly after, an unnamed woman, quickly recognized Ronaldo, and pulled out her camera phone to record the two men exchanging a very hot, very wet, and very steamy tongue kiss! The Moroccan man slowly reached up Ronaldo’s swim trunks, not noticing the woman who was recording and started to caress Ronaldo’s little friend! Who would think that Cristiano Ronaldo would switch to the best team, the gay team?

We couldn’t be more excited to be the first to report the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo has a boyfriend to you

After stroking Ronaldo for no less then three minutes, the Moroccan man did the unthinkable, he grabbed a towel, put it over Ronaldo’s lap, and went in for a kiss! The woman who reported this could not believe her eyes!

Cristiano Ronaldo gay party

Unfortunately Ronaldo, even being the football superstar that he is, did not have the stamina to compete with the Moroccan man’s dirty tactics, and Ronaldo lost control, as well as his load!

Ronaldo must have got self-conscious, or felt eyes on him, because he began to look around in a panic. That’s when he noticed the woman slyly snapping him a few yards away. Ronaldo quickly pulled his shorts up, grabbed the man by his hand and hurried him out of the pool room. Well, of course we know that curiosity controlled the woman and she had to figure out what was going on, so she quickly followed them up to Ronaldo’s room.

Cristiano Ronaldo on the luxury yacht with a kick-boxer

She put her ear to the door and began to eavesdrop on their conversation, which consisted of Ronaldo pleading with the Moroccan man not to tell the media. Mr. Morocco assured Ronaldo that he had no need to worry, that he was his biggest fan, and that he would do anything just to be with him. There was a moment of silence and Ronaldo accepted his offer.

At this point the person from the room next to Ronaldo walked out with three children and a hand full of towels, probably heading to the pool room. As they walked out, our unnamed spy quickly grabbed the door as quietly and as quickly as possible and sneaked into their room.

Cristiano Ronaldo on a gay party with his boyfriend

Now, we’re legally prevented from publishing the name of this hotel but, they have paper thin walls, and sound travels very easily. Our mole climbed up on a chair and removed the vent cover, before pulling herself up into the ventilation system and working her way into the next room over. When she looked through the tiny holes in the vent, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The two were engaged in a sexual act!

Repeat: Cristiano Ronaldo has a Moroccan boyfriend!

As soon as the men were done, they cleaned themselves up, exchanged phone numbers, kissed, and left the room one at a time. The woman couldn’t move, she had just witnessed Cristiano Ronaldo, sexy super stud football player, father, husband, and most definitely gay lover, having the time of his life, with a Moroccan boyfriend.

The following day, the woman was sitting in the lobby, reading a magazine and having a cup of earl grey. As she focused in on the hum of new tourists pouring into the hotel, she was replaying the events that had taken place the night before when she was startled by a tap on her shoulder. Standing behind her was none other then Mr. Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo hot ass naked

Cristiano was smiling awkwardly.

According to the unnamed woman, he said “I know you saw me last night, and it’s with a heavy heart that I beg for your sympathy in this matter. I know that you recorded the events that took place in the pool room, and I’m begging you to delete what you saw and never speak of it again.”

She smirked and said, “And why should I delete this video Mr. Ronaldo?”

Cristiano Ronaldo hanging out with his boyfriend

Cristiano frowned, lowered his head and said, in a soft voice: “As you know I am a well-known football player, and I am also a father. This information could ruin my reputation, not only as a football star, but also with my children. It’s not that I am embarrassed about what I did, but for my children to find out through the media would be devastating to our relationship. I ask you please delete the video!”

She lowered her head, and luckily for us, her words will forever go down in gay history.

Cristiano Ronaldo naked with a gay boyfriend

“Mr. Ronaldo, not only have you tried to cover your lies, but you try to do so in a way that would cover up your actions, not to protect your children, but only for yourself!”

She then hurried out of the hotel, leaving her phone on the table! The phone has since been lost, but with every detail explained and with the information that has been provided to us, we are 100% sure that the story speaks for itself!

Cristiano Ronaldo with a gay boyfriend

We now know and it has been confirmed, Cristiano Ronaldo has a gay boyfriend! We thank the woman who reported these facts to us, without the swift reporting tactics of this young woman we never would have had the opportunity to hear this wonderful story!

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