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Sexual disorders in menNot so long ago drug manufacturers in India developed one more generic contender to the famous erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs called Stendra. It has become a real competitor to popular Viagra for its safety and good performance.

Stendra highly attracts male audience by a number of benefits that differ it from other ED medicines. Big online sales can be a true evidence of this fact.

What is this dark horse? Does Stendra work as promising as it is spoken about? We’ll try to fill all the gaps and offer more information about this imposing ED candidate.


What Is Stendra (Avanafil) 100 mg?


The main Stendra’s ingredient – Avanafil – works according to the same principle as tadalafil and sildenafil, active substances in the world-known Cialis and Viagra pills. It increases a blood flow to the male reproductive organ and helps to get and maintain a prolonged and natural erection.

A pill is quickly absorbed into the blood reaching the maximum effectiveness in half an hour. One more benefit of Stendra application is less adverse effects comparing with other ED drugs.

The purchase of Stendra 100 mg 100 tablets is a good choice for any individual suffering from ED. You can buy this quantity at a significant discount and enjoy a bright sexual life during several months. There will be no need to worry about the stock replenishment.


How Stendra Pills Work


AvanafilStendra is not intended to treat the reasons of sexual disorders, but it successfully manages with its symptoms. As Stendra belongs to a family of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, it blocks certain enzymes in a male body, which prevent a satisfactory sexual life.

Besides, avanafil increases the production of nitric oxide. It leads to the relaxation of the plain muscles that results in the dilation of blood vessels. More oxygenated blood reaches the male organ, which makes it possible to obtain a stronger erection. This ED medication is effective only if sexual arousal follows a pill intake.

Stendra 100mg Usage Tips


Doctors usually recommend swallowing one tablet half an hour before the time men plan to be sexually active. Some patients state that a tab starts working even in 15 minutes after the intake.

The average initial dosage for an adult patient is 100 mg. In some cases, the serving can be raised to 200 mg, if a user is not satisfied with a regular pill effect. Ask your urologist when to take and how to take the pills. Follow his instructions directly and do not take more that prescribed.

There are some restrictions that do not allow combining avanafil with a number of drugs:

  • antibiotics;
  • nitrate drugs;
  • HIV/AIDS tablets;
  • antifungal medicines.

To avoid unwanted side effects, inform your health care provider about all prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbs and supplements that you use.


Learn More About Avanafil

How Long Does Stendra (Avanafil) Last?


How long does Stendra last? At an amount of the main substance of 100mg, the pill reaches its maximum potency in 30-40 minutes. Depending on every individual, a man stays sexually active within the next 4-6 hours. It is affected by a number of factors like age, ED severity, toleration, use of other drugs, alcohol consumption, health condition, etc. In comparison with other PDE5 inhibitors, avanafil is regarded to be a quick-acting solution.


Side Effects of Stendra


As human studies report, Stendra causes rare adverse effects in males with a good overall health. This medicine has proved its safety and got an approval by different medical authorities.

Side effects of StendraThe most typical side effects that appear in single cases are:

  • back pain;
  • headaches;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • nausea;
  • fever;
  • dizziness;
  • nasal congestion;
  • pain in muscles;
  • sore throat;
  • hot flushes.

Study the enclosed medical leaflet thoroughly. It gives an extended information about possible negative reactions that may happen.

Inform your therapist about your current and former diseases. Be careful, if you have heart or high blood disorders, kidney or liver issues, diabetes, eye problems. Such conditions may worsen your health status and lead to more serious side effects like:

  • changes in vision or hearing;
  • heart attack symptoms;
  • painful erection;
  • fainting.

Get the exact recommendations and instructions from your doctor, how to act, in case if any of these side effects occur.


Interaction with Food and Alcohol Drinks


Avanafil is not affected by consumed meals, so patients may not restrict their food throughout the treatment period. It is one more advantage that men like most in Stendra therapy. It is recommended reducing tobacco and alcohol consumption not to obtain negative reactions and prevent a better tablet absorption.

Exclude grapefruit juice from your diet, because this citrus promotes the accumulation of avanafil in a human body and hinders its normal excretion.


Users’ Reviews


Avanafil is one of the best-selling oral ED medications at SildenafilViagra. As user reviews show, Stendra is becoming very popular among generic medicines that are currently available for sale in our online pharmacy and are used for ED treatment.


Summing up the customers’ feedback who purchase Stendra online, the following pill benefits should be highlighted:

  • increased efficiency because of a stronger formula;
  • the quickest time of action;
  • compatibility with lots of drinks and meals;
  • soft side effects;
  • simple usage;
  • cheap price.

The overwhelming amount of reviews and messages from our clients are positive.


Where to Buy Stendra 100mg Avanafil 100 Pills Online?


Buying in online storeYou can ask your health care professional where to buy Stendra. Every user can order Stendra directly at our internet shop. 100 pills packaging is now available for sale at the cheapest cost, because we always compare the prices for similar medications in regular pharmacy chains.

Our online source offers free coupons for the clients. With its discount code, you get the corresponding percent off from a usual cost of a certain medicine. As well as you can order 100 pills of Stendra 100 mg, everyone has a chance to get the required amount by making per pill Stendra purchase. It is more beneficial to order more pills, for example, you pay $2.59 per pill buying a pack of 500 tablets and $4.99 per pill buying just 10 tabs.

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