All Information About Avanafil

All Information About Avanafil

All Information About Avanafil

Avanafil is a medicine of new generation created for treatment of erectile dysfunction. The cheap price and excellent effect made Avanafil one of the most popular the world. Almost total absence of side effects and possibility to use this drug with fatty food and alcohol become the additional bonus to it.

Avanafil is a quite popular drug for erectile dysfunction treatment. It was medically approved in 2012. In comparison with other generics, this treatment is characterized by a quick action and guarantee of strong erection, which is confirmed by the review of men who have already used this drug.

What Is Generic Avanafil?

Avanafil is a new generation medicine used to struggle with erectile dysfunction. It has a mild effect and almost no side effects. The principle of its action is similar to that of other generics – it greatly enhances sexual vigor and provides a strong erection. If there is no sexual excitation at all, then Avanafil will not help.

The main advantages of these tablets are: action lasts about 6 hours; sexual intercourse is possible after 15 minutes if there is even a slight excitement; simultaneous use with alcohol and fatty foods is possible; the fear of failure in sex is eliminated, self-confidence rises; can be used by people with low blood pressure; the drug is non-toxic and rapidly eliminated from the body; it is possible to take the drug and dapoxetine together, and that leads to a sexual intercourse without fear of premature ejaculation.

This generic helps to reduce time between several sexual acts due to the increased sensitivity of penis. Convenient form of intake (tablets) allows using of this drug during meals. An increased response to tactile actions is the key to pleasant sensations in the sexual life. The high quality, efficiency and cheap price of the drug also contribute to its popularity on the market.

All Information About AvanafilBrands

Avanafil is well known under two trademarks – Spedra and Stendra. The Vivus Company, which created the drug, began to promote it from 2013 together with the Menarini Group Company. Now the medicine is very popular in Europe, as well as in New Zealand and Australia. In contrast to the well-known Viagra and other brands, the Avanafil manufacturer in India, so its price is much lower than that of drugs promoted brands. Despite the price and country of production, this generic is original and fully corresponds to its description. In addition, its price makes it available to many men with erectile dysfunction.

In What Forms and Dosages Avanafil Comes?

Avanafil is available in standard dosage of 50, 100 and 200mg. At the same time, 50mg is the most common dosage. The main active component is avanafil, and it is practically harmless to the human body. Very well recommended themselves such drugs as Super Avanafil 260 mg and Extra Super Avana. They in addition to the main component also contain the dapoxetine, which is good for treatment of premature ejaculation.

Who Can Use Avanafil?

Any man, over 18 years old, who has regular problems with erection, can use Avanafil. The drug will be effective at erectile dysfunction, both physical and psychological. Before intake it is important to be sure that you have no contraindications for use of this medicine.

Contraindications to the use of avanafilThere are such contraindications:

  • continuous use of drugs that contain nitrates;
  • use of CYP3A4 inhibitors;
  • serious diseases of kidneys and liver;
  • intolerance of the main component of Avanafil;
  • age under 18 years.

Avanafil shouldn’t be taken by women.

Relative contraindications include:

  • heart diseases, in which such physical stress as sex is dangerous;
  • myocardial infarction in the past;
  • uncontrolled sudden pressure surges;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • taking the drug more than 50 mg;
  • injury or bending of the penis.

In presence of the above factors, the taking Avanafil is possible, but only after a preliminary consultation with a doctor.

How to Take It?

The intake of the drug is preferable no more than once a day in 30 minutes before sex. Knowing how long it lasts, you can drink a pill in a few hours before the date, since the drug will provide the desired effect within 6 hours. If the drug is used in conjunction with the dapoxetine, the effect will last about 12 hours.

Start to use this drug from minimum dose in 50 mg. With normal tolerability, you can gradually increase the dose up to 100mg and even to 200 mg, if necessary. Men who had removed prostate gland should start with a minimum dosage or even split the pill into 2 parts. The period of the half life is 6–20 hours.

Avanafil Side Effects

Avanafil, in comparison with other generics, has rather few side effects, but they still happen sometimes. All drugs for treatment of erectile dysfunction are inhibitors of the enzyme phosphodiesterase. But, unlike “predecessors”, modern tablets are more selective, so the risk of complications development is minimal.


The most common side effects:

  • Side effectsredness of the skin, especially of the facial skin;
  • dizziness, headache;
  • loss of vision;
  • nasal stuffiness;
  • severe pain in the lumbar muscles;
  • chest pain.

All these side effects are short-run and do not threaten the health and life of man. If a man doesn’t have contraindications, it is not necessary to consult with a doctor if they happen.


The only real reason to see a doctor can be a never-ending erection, which can be caused by Avanafil. Normally, the action of the drug after sexual intercourse is disappears. In case of priapism (the constant of an erection during 4 hours), it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance. This state is extremely dangerous for life.

What If I Overdose It?

Taking an increased dose of the drug increases the likelihood of side effects. In this case, exceeding the dose doesn’t improve quality of the erection. Elderly people and those who have kidney disease need to reduce the amount of medication in order to avoid an overdose. So, those people before searching where to buy this drug should to consult with a specialist.


Avanafil does not require special intake conditions, doesn’t interact with most drugs and products, and hasn’t ability to solubility in saliva. It can be taken during meals or on an empty stomach.

Interaction with alcohol, food and other drugsAlcohol Drinks

The drug does not enter into a chemical reaction with ethanol, so alcohol does not affect how long does it last so their simultaneous use is possible. At the same time, alcohol has a negative impact on the nervous system and can inhibit sexual arousal. Therefore, a large amount of alcohol will have negative effect on the sexual intercourse with Avanafil or without it.

With Food

The medicine can be taken with food, even with fatty food. Fatty food does not slow down the effect from the drug. The only product that has a negative impact on the Avanafil action is grapefruit juice. It worsens the effect from the drug and slows its elimination from body, provoking the occurrence of side effects. Other citrus fruits have the same effect.

Intake with Other Drugs

Therapy with nitrates, nitric oxide donators and inhibitors of HIV proteases is an absolute contraindication for use of this medicine.

Also, together with Avanafil you cannot take the following drugs:

  • some antifungal agents;
  • alpha blockers;
  • some kinds of antibiotics.

The means for lowering the pressure with nitrites are categorically contraindicated too.

Avanafil Comparison


This drug is similar in its action with other generics, such as Viagra, Cialis, etc, but there are some important differences.

Versus Viagra (Sildenafil)

Viagra is popular and well promoted brand, so its price is quite high. In addition, its action last 4 hours. The Avanafil is less popular and new, therefore it is much cheaper, and its period of action is about 6 hours. In active components duel among avanafil vs sildenafil, the first wins in case when a man has an allergic reaction to sildenafil. Despite that Viagra has more side effects and more dangerous than new generation generics, this treatment is time-tested.

Avanafil Vs Cialis (Tadalafil)

If to compare Avanafil vs Cialis, then it is better to compare their main active components – avanafil and Tadalafil. Although their action is similar, duration and intensity are different. So, what is tadalafil? This is the main component of Cialis, which acts more gently and more continuously – about 36 hours.

Comparing these drugs, it can’t be said that that one of them is better than another – all depends on what effect is needed. Viagra and Avanafil will provide a quick action and the strong effect which lasts about 4-6 hours. The Cialis acts for a longer time (up to one and a half days), but its effect is milder.

User’s Reviews

ReviewsDespite the fact that Avanafil is available for sale not so long ago, many men have already tried it and were satisfied. In order to be convinced of that, it is enough to read their reviews.

How to Buy Avanafil for Cheap Price?

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