Vardenafil Recommended Dose, Side Effects, Interactions

Even if you are careful to take no more than a Vardenafil recommended dose, the drug should not be ingested more than once in a 24 hour period.

A standard Vardenafil recommended dose is 20 mg. Even if you are careful to take no more than a Vardenafil recommended dose, the drug should not be ingested more than once in a 24 hour period.
Vardenafil Recommended Dose
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Vardenafil is a drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It first received approval from the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for ED in 2003.

Vardenafil Drug Information

Vardenafil is well known under brand names such as Levitra and Staxyn. It is a very popular ED drug that has been used by many millions of men since it was introduced in 2003.

The effects of Vardenafil last for a total of about four or five hours. The drug is designed to be used as and when needed.

Although Vardenafil has been used by many millions of people, relatively few know the drug under its original name. It is branded as Staxyn in India and Levitra in the EU and the US.

Vardenafil Dosage Instructions

Your Vardenafil recommended dose should be ingested prior to intimacy. For best results, you should allow the drug 30 minutes to take effect.

You should be aware that a meal with high-fat content can decrease the rate at which Vardenafil is absorbed into the bloodstream.

If you have Vardenafil in your system or plan to take Vardenafil or any other ED drug, you should avoid drinking grapefruit or grapefruit juice. This is because these substances interfere with the absorption of ED medications. Although Vardenafil is designed for slow release so as to benefit you over a period of four or five hours, grapefruit or grapefruit juice can cause absorption to take place at a greatly accelerated rate. As a result, some people have absorbed toxic levels of ED drugs.

Levitra Dosage Variations 10 20 Recommended 40 60 mg

Vardenafil recommended dose

A standard Vardenafil recommended dose is 20 mg. Even if you are careful to take no more than a Vardenafil recommended dose, the drug should not be ingested more than once in a 24 hour period.

Please note that this Vardenafil recommended dose is only a guide. For example, if you are over 65 years old or are in poor health, you may wish to start at a lower dosage.

The maximum recommended dosing of Vardenafil

The maximum Vardenafil recommended dose for most people is 60 mg.

However, as with the standard Vardenafil recommended dose, it should be clear that any maximum Vardenafil recommended dose depends on the person in question.

If your general health is less than optimal, particularly in terms of your blood pressure and cardiac health, you should probably set your maximum dose of Vardenafil below 60 mg.

Many men aged over 65 would be well advised to set a limit on their intake of Vardenafil well below 60 mg.

Interaction with Other Drugs

Vardenafil interacts with a very wide range of drugs that cannot be listed in full. However, some of the most significant drugs with which it interacts can be detailed here:

Nitrates refer to a relatively broad class of prescription drugs that tend to be used to combat chest pain. Nitrites refer to a far more narrow group of substances that tend to be used recreationally, widely known under the street name of ‘poppers’. Both nitrates and nitrites have a powerful vasodilatory effect. If a drug of either of these types was present in a body at the same time as Vardenafil, the person in question’s blood pressure would fall rapidly, most likely to a dangerous extent.

Alpha Blockers are a class of drugs that are often prescribed to reduce blood pressure. Their mechanism of action focuses on minimizing the stimulation of andregenic receptors. Given that Alpha Blockers tend to decrease blood pressure, they would have a cumulative effect with Vardenafil.

Alcohol and Vardenafil will be covered in greater detail below. As with the other drugs on this list, the key risk is the possibility that two vasodilators could be present in the body at the same time, thus causing a substantial, potentially dangerous, fall in blood pressure. It should be noted that alcohol carries particular risks in terms of drug interactions on account of of the social dimension involved. The average man is far more likely to mix alcohol with a prescription drug than to take two prescription drugs that interact.

Antihypertensives refer to a wide range of medications that are prescribed to reduce high blood pressure. A clinical pharmacology study found that when antihypertensive agents and Vardenafil were used simultaneously, their effect was additive. Thus, significant concentrations of both represent substantial risks.

Some additional drugs with which Vardenafil is known to have a strong interaction are listed below:

Alfuzosin, Dexamethasone, Dilantin, Doxazosin, Erythromycin, Indinavir, Mycobutin, Mysoline, Nafcillin, Nallpen, Nefazodone, Phenobarbital, Prazosin, Priftin, Provigil, Ritonavir, St John’s Wort, Tamsulosin, Terazosin, Trileptal, Viramune.

Please note that this only covers some of the drugs that interact most strongly with Vardenafil. If a drug does not appear here, that does not indicate that it is safe to consume while you have Vardenafil in your system. If you are in any way unsure about potential interaction between Vardenafil and any medication(s) you are taking, you should ask your doctor for guidance before making a decision.

Common Vardenafil Side Effects

Adverse Reactions Reported by Patients Treated with Vardenafil

Headache 4% 15%
Flushing 1% 11%
Rhinitis 3% 9%
Dyspepsia 1% 4%
Accidental Injury 2% 3%
Sinusitis 1% 3%
Flu Syndrome 2% 3%
Dizziness 1% 2%
Increased Creatine Kinase 1% 2%
Nausea 1% 2%

Since Vardenafil has been used by millions of men around the world, there is extensive data on any and all side effects of the drug.

The most common side effects of taking Vardenafil include temporary flushing of the face and neck, headaches, nasal congestion, dizziness and stomach upsets.

In almost every case, these side effects disappear as soon as Vardenafil is no longer present in the body of the person in question.

Less Common Vardenafil Side Effects

Vardenafil also has some less common side effects. Perhaps the most unusual of these is Priapism.

Priapism is a term that refers to an erection that will not return to a flaccid state. It is typically used to describe erections that have lasted for at least four hours. A tiny proportion of men who take Vardenafil have experienced temporary Priapism.

Although Priapism might seem harmless or amusing, the condition can do serious damage to your genitals if it is not treated. Among other things, it can cause vascular disease, tissue death and further ED. If you have an erection that lasts for over four hours (whether you have taken ED medication or not), you should seek medical attention right away.

In a very small number of cases, men who have taken Vardenafil have experienced a severe allergic reaction. Warning signs that this is taking place include rashes, swift swelling (particularly of the tongue or throat), sudden nausea or difficulty breathing. Severe allergic reactions such as this are quite straightforward to treat in a clinical setting, but they can prove dangerous if you are not close to a hospital and/or do not have epinephrine available. Thankfully, both men who have experienced a severe allergic reaction to Vardenafil were close to hospitals and recovered quickly from their ordeal.

Sudden hearing loss has also affected a tiny proportion of men who have taken Vardenafil. In most cases, the change has been apparent immediately because it has been accompanied by ringing in the ears. Although sudden hearing loss can be quite distressing, every person who has experienced Vardenafil-induced sudden hearing loss has slowly regained normal hearing in the course of the next few days.

Vardenafil and Alcohol

If you are taking Vardenafil, it is advisable to keep alcohol consumption as low as possible.

Having Vardenafil and alcohol in your bloodstream at the same time can be risky, particularly for people with low blood pressure. This is for a very simple reason: both Vardenafil and alcohol are vasodilators. Both substances cause blood vessels to dilate, which in turn decreases blood pressure. The additive effect of having both substances in the body simultaneously could be dangerous.

A sharp decrease in blood pressure can cause anything from a feeling of light-headedness to a full stroke. It should be made clear that serious negative consequences from mixing alcohol and Vardenafil are relatively rare. Nevertheless, one should seek to minimize alcohol consumption while using Vardenafil. Drinking any more than one or two alcoholic beverages while Vardenafil is in your system represents an unnecessary risk.