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Super Tadapox 80mg 200 Tabs from India

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Erectile dysfunctionPremature ejaculation (ED) is one of the intimate problems that worry many men around the world. Problems with erection often go far beyond sexual relationships. They affect the mood of a man, his self-esteem, productivity in work. There are cases when ED led men to a severe depression.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is considered as a problem of young men, which soon may pass, but it’s not quite right. Thousands mature and even elderly men cannot control their orgasm, so ejaculation occurs too soon. “Too soon” means less than two minutes, according to medical standards.

What could be worse than these two diseases? Only their combination! Fortunately, there are drugs that can simultaneously improve erection, and prolong sexual intercourse, regaining control over orgasm. One of the best drugs in this area is Tadapox, a medicine that combines the best characteristics of Tadalafil and dapoxetine, and allows you to forget about ED and PE in one fell swoop and enjoy normal, long-lasting sex.


Super Tadapox 80 mg Benefits


Men suffering from ED and PE at the same time usually do not think about the additional benefits of a medicine that can solve these two problems simultaneously. However, there are some extra advantages, and these include:

  • convenient use. Dapoxetine is well-combined with PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitors, but Tadapox allows you to use one tablet instead of two, and also saves one drug for buying.
  • high efficiency;
  • rare and not dangerous side effects;
  • optimum combination of active components. The dosage of Tadapox 80mg is suitable for the vast majority of men.

Tadapox is equally effective for men whose problems are caused by physiological or psychological problems.


How Does Super Tadapox 80mg Work?


ErectionThe action of Tadapox is complex. Tadalafil strengthens the erection, causes a rush of blood to the genital organs and suppresses PDE5 enzymes, which stop the erection. This substance acts only if there is at least minimal sexual arousal.

Dapoxetine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It allows you to control the onset of orgasm and increases the sexual intercourse three times. This substance is especially effective at PE of psychogenic origin (which is about 70% in such cases), but also showed itself well in cases of physiological problems.

Despite the fact that tadalafil acts much longer than dapoxetine, tadapox is effective throughout the 36 hours. If a man has several sexual acts in the first few hours after taking the pills, with each subsequent sexual act, he will take much more time to achieve orgasm even without dapoxetine work (tadalafil still act up to 36 hours).


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Can I Use Super Tadapox 80mg?


Grapefruit juiceSuper Tadapox should be taken in one hour before the planned sex, and the maximum effect will come within one-three hours after taking the pill. The pill should be washed down with a plenty of water or any other drink (alcoholic drinks or grapefruit juice are prohibited), regardless of food intake. It is important to remember that fatty food can significantly slow down the onset of Tadapox action.

It is not recommended to use more than one tablet a day. Daily medication is only allowed in extreme cases, and doctors strongly do not recommend doing so. To avoid damage to health, it is recommended to take several days breaks between taking the tablets. This is enough even with an active sexual life, since tadalafil acts up to 36 hours (1.5 days).


Side Effects


If you correctly use Tadapox and do not exceed the maximum dosage, then you should not be afraid of side effects. However, they still can happen, so it’s necessary to know about them. The most common side effects are:

  • dizziness;
  • headache (especially in the temples area);
  • stuffy nose;
  • myodynia in the back;
  • violation of the heart rate (tachycardia).

All these symptoms pass within a few hours after excretion of the drug from the body. If side effects do not go away or even increase, you need to seek medical help.

If drug is well-tolerated, it is very beneficial to buy 200 pills at once. Price per pill, in this case, will be significantly reduced. Generic is produced by a trusted manufacturer from India, so which makes it available to most men.


Interaction with Food and Drinks


It is important to know with which substances this medicine cannot be combined, in order that Tadapox was effective and safe as possible.

Interaction with food, alcohol, other tabs

These include:

  • any other PDE5 inhibitors (Cialis, Viagra, Kamagra etc.);
  • donors of nitrogen;
  • inhibitors for the treatment of HIV and AIDS;
  • all medicines that contain nitrates.

It is extremely undesirable to combine Tadapox with alcohol.

Tadapox can be combined with any food, except grapefruit and its derivatives.

They increase the risk of side effects and significantly reduce the effectiveness of tablets.


Reviews Super Tadapox 80mg from India


A lot of men suffering from PE and ED have already discovered cheap generics, such as Tadapox. Their positive feedbacks will convince you of the efficacy of this drug.


How to Get Super Tadapox 80mg 200 Tabs?


ShippingDid you decide to buy Tadapox at a bargain price? Visit the SildenafilViagra website and make your order. The drugs will be sent to you within two hours and delivered to your door.

Our anonymous packages will allow keeping the secret of purchase. You can pay by credit card or with bitcoins. If you choose to pay with bitcoins, then you will get a guaranteed -35% discount.

Also, on the SildenafilViagra site, you will find many generic drugs for the treatment of ED (Cialis, Viagra, Stendra, etc.) and PE (Priligy 60mg).

In addition, there is an excellent analog of Tadapox – Super P-Force based on sildenafil. You can buy it if Tadapox for some reason does not suit you (for example, you have an allergic reaction to tadalafil).

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